Financial situation, health, housing: Kazan to introduce constant monitoring of orphaned children socialisation

Financial situation, health, housing: Kazan to introduce constant monitoring of orphaned children socialisation
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Monitoring will be carried out by six criteria

An interdepartmental commission on monitoring the socialisation of orphaned children is going to be created in Kazan. The corresponding resolution is published in the collection of documents of the city hall.

The assessment of the monitoring of children's socialisation will be carried out according to several criteria:

  • Health status: the presence of chronic, mental illnesses and disabilities.
  • Employment: permanent or temporary employment, sole proprietor status, unemployed, etc.
  • Housing security: accommodation in rented/own housing, in a hostel, in a social hotel and more.
  • Family status: marital status, presence of minor children.
  • Financial situation: the presence of arrears in payment for utilities, receiving social benefits.
  • Lawful conduct: bringing to criminal and/or administrative responsibility.

From these data, the total proportion of orphaned children corresponding to the indicators will be formed. The goal is to form a database containing information about their socialisation.

Сommission will be headed by the deputy head of the executive committee

The commission will include 20 people. Among them — representatives of local self-government bodies of Kazan, state authorities of Tatarstan, social service organisations, medical and educational organisations. The commission will be headed by the deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan, Guzel Sagitova.

The commission will monitor and evaluate the socialisation of children. In case of detection of signs of offenses against orphans, she has the right to send materials to law enforcement agencies.

During the work, specialists will provide support in vocational guidance and employment, help with housing, as well as provide psychological support.

The project was developed last year

Last October, Realnoe Vremya reported that Tatarstan had developed a draft resolution on monitoring and assisting orphaned children in successful socialisation.
At that time, the relevant document passed an anti-corruption audit. Its essence practically does not differ from the current resolution.

In 2023, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Tatarstan Alsu Asadullina said that there were 13 organisations for orphaned children in the republic. But, despite the conditions created in them for living and upbringing, there is a problem of unauthorised leaving, she said. In 2021, 48 children left the organisation, in 2022 — 77, and in the first half of 2023 — 51.

“Monitoring shows that a significant part of the pupils who willfully leave are children with an increased tendency to vagrancy, antisocial behaviour," she explained.

Let us remind thst in May 2023, the authorities of Tatarstan expanded social support for orphans and children left without parental care during the study period. According to the new rules, payments that previously relied only on students of state colleges and universities will now apply to schoolchildren. The relevant resolution is published on the official platform of legal information.

According to the document, students who were left without parental care will be paid:

  • one-time allowance for graduation — 899 rubles;
  • one-time allowance for the purchase of clothing, shoes, soft equipment and equipment for graduates — 59,337 rubles;
  • annual allowance for the purchase of educational literature and writing materials — 3,210 rubles;
  • annual allowance for the purchase of clothes, shoes and soft equipment — 25,289 rubles;
  • monthly allowance for meals — 7,877 rubles.

It is worth noting that for students of higher educational institutions, the allowance for the purchase of educational literature is 8,303 rubles. At the same time, they also have an additional monthly scholarship in the amount of 1,046 to 1,110 rubles.

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