‘This is our common cinema’

Film collaborations discussed at KazanForum

The USSR had an interesting history of Soviet cinema, which can be continued — already within the framework of the CIS countries. Such conclusions were reached by the participants of the session “Collaborations in the film industry” within the framework of the XV Russia — Islamic World: KazanForum International Economic Forum.

“I would like it to be not only warm and sincere meetings”

Dmitry Davidenko, the director of the Department of Cinematography and Digital Development of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, began his speech with a practical wish: there are many meetings at the forum, but “I would like these to be not only warm, sincere meetings — so that the results are projects.” At the same time, agreements on cooperation in the field of cinematography were signed only with some states.

“There is support for the national cinema in Russia," Davidenko continued. “You can support a project that has a national film certificate. Such certificate exempts producers from taxes. But there are many requirements to get this certificate, to obtain a state subsidy. And this is due to that most of the participants in the filming must be Russian citizens, the film must be shot in the languages of the peoples of Russia. Accordingly, it is very difficult to attract investments from abroad, to enter into collaboration with foreign partners without losing this status. To do this, you need to get the status of a co-production.

The negotiation process is underway: Russia has signed agreements with six CIS countries, there is an agreement with Germany, Canada, and the same document has been signed with Israel.

“Time has changed so much, geopolitics has changed so much that today the most frequent and understandable meetings are with our CIS countries," Davidenko pointed out. “In particular, this is Uzbekistan. I hope an agreement with them to be signed soon.

Sayera Khudayberdieva. cкриншот с сайта kazanforum.ru

“Our state attaches great importance to cinema”

Uzbekfilm producer Sayera Khudayberdieva confirmed his words, first of all displaying a slide: in 2024, her country is scheduled to participate in 24 festivals in 15 countries. Uzbek Cinema Days are held in 10 countries. Currently, 11 joint films are in the works with additional financing of $10 million.

“Our state attaches great importance to cinema," Khudaiberdieva noted. “At the moment, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is on a visit to our agency, I hope he will be satisfied with our victories and investments in cinema. Our cinema rests on the shoulders of the state. This is 90% of investments — in films, forums, meetings.

Now, for example, Uzbekkino, in collaboration with Kultura channel, is preparing a series of documentaries “To the Origins of Ancient Civilisations”. Filming of the film “Mosque” about the St. Petersburg monument of Oriental architecture is planned with Lendok. Therefore, Alexey Telnov, the director general of the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, will not fly home after Kazan, but to Tashkent — he has a lot to do there, Khudaiberdieva noted with a smile. In particular, this is the fairy tale film “The Magic Jug”, perhaps, work on it will take place in Kazan.

Work is underway on the film “Nasruddin and the Secrets of the Silk Road”, where the Giuseppe puppeteer will also become a hero. Puppets from Venice play in it, and representatives of Italy and the USA have become partners of the film. Filming will take place in Bukhara, Venice, Milan.

Khudaiberdieva also reminded about the film “The Teacher” about the Kazan theologian Shigabutdin Mardzhani, which will be created with Tatarkino. The imam of the First Cathedral Mosque, as it is known, studied for a long time in Bukhara.

At the same time, there are now only 100 cinemas in Uzbekistan for 37 million residents. But they shoot 30 feature films and 40 documentaries a year, not counting animation. A foreign branch of VGIK has opened in Tashkent, where representatives of neighboring republics and regions study.

The director of “Teacher”, Salavat Yuzeev, has just shot “Mountain of Lovers” in Belarus, with the help of Belarusfilm — its general director recalled that their studio has always actively worked with Russia, telling, in particular, about Igor Ugolnikov's new film “Batka Minai. A partisan legend.”

Uzbekistan is going to make a film about the main St. Petersburg mosque. cкриншот с сайта kazanforum.ru

Now — with Belarus and Iran

Tatarstan, as reported by the head of Tatarkino, Milyausha Aituganova, who worked with Kazakhstan (Tarlan) and Uzbekistan (Sumbul), is having two more international projects, in addition to “The Teacher”. The head of the international department of the Iranian Farabi Cinematography Foundation, Raed Faridzadeh, spoke a little about the first one. This is the film “I am a Snake”, a road film about a woman who changes herself through travel.

“This is an absolutely commercial story," added Aituganova. “Iran is interested because it is interested in entering the market with its products from Iran — not only films, but also cars. There is a product placement there.

Together with Belarusfilm and Landok, Tatarkino is developing the Nick project, an action-packed film about computer genius Nikita, who loves anime and lives in Innopolis.

According to Alexey Telnov, a picture with Tajikistan is also being elaborated. “Silence in the Mountains” tells about a Russian military man who returns to places of military glory: his daughter is missing. The work was supposed to start in May, but there was a big discussion with the participation of the Ministry of Defence, Interior Ministry, and the KGB, now the script is being “reformatted” and is being prepared for launch in the autumn.

“I teach the history of Russian cinema at VGIK. This is a film from the Soviet period," Davidenko summed up. “When we watch it, we see it in the screensavers “Turkmenfilm”, “Uzbekfilm”, “Belarusfilm”. Having such a past, it cannot be divided. This is our common cinema. And it is also Uzbek and Tajik. And I wish there were more such projects.”

Radif Kashapov

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