31 million rubles to be spent on landscaping of Kazan

31 million rubles to be spent on landscaping of Kazan
Photo: Максим Платонов

The Directorate for Competition Policy and Procurement of the City of Kazan has announced the start of works on the floral and landscape design of the city in 2024. The object of purchase involves the creation of unique green areas and flower arrangements to improve the public spaces of the capital of Tatarstan.

The initial price of the contract is more than 31 million rubles, and the completion period covers the period from the date of conclusion of the contract until the end of 2024.

The works are aimed at transforming the urban environment, increasing comfort for residents and attracting tourists through creative and environmental solutions in the field of landscape design.

Goals and objectives

The requirements for flower seedlings are strictly regulated: plants must have quality certificates, sanitary and epidemiological conclusions and other necessary documents to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

The arrangement of flower beds and flower pots involves the use of healthy, well-rooted seedlings that comply with GOST standards. Plants must be cleaned of undesirable elements, and the cultivation and transportation of part of the seedlings must be carried out in cassettes in compliance with phytosanitary requirements.

The object delivered to the customer must be in the stage of flowering and budding by at least 95% of the volume, with no traces of application of pesticides. Participation in the tender opens up opportunities for companies to offer innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions for the floral and landscape design of Kazan, introducing advanced methods and technologies to create an attractive and safe urban environment.

The scale

According to the tender data, more than 80 streets in various districts of Kazan are to be greened.

  • Aviastroitelny district — Kopylova Street;
  • Vakhitovsky district — more than 40 streets: from Astronomisheskaya to Chernyshevskogo;
  • Kirovsky district — Biryuzovaya, Bolotnikova, Gorkovskoye Shosse, Kulakhmetova, Leytenanta Krasikova, Stepana Khalturina, Luknitskogo, Frunze streets;
  • Moskovsky district — Akademika Koroleva, Vosstaniya, Dekabristov Streets, Ibragimov Prospekt;
  • Novo-Savinovsky district — Absalyamova, Korolenko, Sibgata Khakima, F.Amirkhana, Khusaina Yamasheva streets, Ibragimova and Chistopolskaya Prospekts;
  • Privolzhsky district — Akademika Parina, Dubravnaya, Ippodromnaya, Nursultana Nazarbayeva, Orenburgskiy Trakt, Pobedy Prospekt, Pavlyukhina Street, R.Zorge Street, Technicheskaya, 100th anniversary of TASSR, Kh.Taktasha;
  • Sovetsky district — Ametyevskaya highway, Alberta Kamaleeva and Pobedy Prospekts, Akademika Arbuzova, Lipatova, Mira, N.Ershova, Rodina Streets, Siberskiy Trakt, Shurtygina and 8 Marta Street.
Anastasia Fartygina