Price growth in Tatarstan falls fivefold

Price growth in Tatarstan falls fivefold
Photo: Platonov

Annual inflation in Tatarstan in March 2023 was 1.91%. This is considerably less than in December (11,37%), January (11,55%) and February (10,74%), Realnoe Vremya found out after examining data for the first three months of the year. Consumer prices have increased by 1.6% in the republic since the start of 2023. Compared to February, they rose by 0.3%.

The most notable appreciation was in services in Tatarstan since last March — by 6.6%. The price growth since the start of the year was 3,22%, compared to this February, it is 1,01%.

Foodstuffs went up in price in March by 2,74% in annual terms. Since the start of the year, the prices have surged by 2,06%, compared to February, they haven’t almost changed (+0,03%).

Moreover, fruits and vegetables in the republic in March 2023 turned out to be cheaper. Annual inflation was 7,44%, the Tatarstan Statistics Service calculated. Moreover, consumer prices have jumped 20,28% since the beginning of the year, while compared to February they have climbed 0,36%.

Photo: Platonov

In annual terms, prices for non-foods decreased in March 2023 — by 1,56%. Since the start of the year and compared to the previous month, they have risen, though slightly — by 0,15% and 0,06% respectively.

The basic consumer price index in 2023 was 1,29% in annual terms and 0,27% during the month, says the Tatarstan Statistics Service. To compare, in February it was 2,08% and 0,12% respectively. The indicator excludes short-term uneven price changes under the influence of separate factors of administrative or seasonal nature.

It should be reminded that according to the official statistics, consumer prices in Tatarstan in 2022 rose by 14,05% compared to January-December 2021. Foods went up in price by 16,31%, non-foods did by 14,65%, services rose by 10,24%.

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