Expert: prices for coffee from Europe doubles in Russia, coffee from Latin America does by 15-30%

“It is not enough that the prices have grown, many of them — not all of course — are leaving the market”

Prices for coffee imported from Europe have doubled. The product from Latin America have become expensive too, the price growth has been 15-30% there. Co-owner and Director General of Fairy Tale cafe, Chairman of the Tatarstan Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers Mikhail Sharipov.

“Europe is the first supplier. Of course, Europe doesn’t grow coffee, it is simply toasted well there. Austrians like типа Julius Meinl, Italians like Lavazza, the Swiss like Nespresso supply coffee from there. It is not enough that the prices have grown, many of them — not all of course — are leaving the market,” the interlocutor of the newspaper shared.

According to Sharipov, those companies buying coffee in Europe have suffered the most. Here every restaurateur decides on their own what to do in this situation. If an establishment has the necessary safety margin, prices for consumers don’t go up. The establishments in general try to raise the prices as little as possible and sacrifice the income to save prices and keep clients.

As the interlocutor of the newspaper said, the price change is the last resort few establishments resort to.

Those who buy coffee beans from Africa and Latin America have suffered less

“There is another cluster. It is those who bought the beans from Latin America — Brazil — and Africa. The situation is more or less fine, but prices have also risen, but by 15—30%. Firstly, you know that there has a bad harvest, therefore world prices have grown in general. But here every situation is individual. Those who buy the beans from Africa and Latin America have suffered less,” Sharipov shared.

According to our interlocutor, those companies buying green beans from Latin America, Africa and Asia are at an advantage. Now they are having a real boom. The case is that they receive cheap and quality feedstock that can be toasted by themselves, while demand in the domestic market for such products is very high and isn’t going to fall.

Also, Sharipov notes a general rise in the number of restaurant businesses. This happens because many foreign establishments left the market, while the population prefers domestic tourism.

Artyom Gafarov