TAIF-NK participates in celebration of Chemist’s Day

The best workers of the company were noted with letters of gratitude and state awards

The festivities dedicated to the republican Chemist’s Day took place in Nizhnekamsk. President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov congratulated representatives of the chemical and oil refining industry. The official event was held at Neftekhim Arena. The best workers of the sector, including workers of TAIF-NK JSC, were given state awards. Read more in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

Honouring the best

Large-scale celebrations of Chemist’s Day in Tatarstan traditionally took place in Nizhnekamsk — Russia’s biggest petrochemical and oil refining centre. The main event was held at Neftekhim Arena ice rink.

Managers and workers of chemical and oil refining enterprises, scientists, students, schoolchildren, representatives of ministries and agencies of Tatarstan participated in the solemn event.

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov visited the official opening ceremony. Delivering a speech in front of the audience, he stressed that petrochemistry for the republic was 40% of the whole industrial production of Tatarstan.

“Our Strategy 2030 attributes one of the key roles precisely to petrochemistry as growth point of the republic’s economy. We move in this direction. Here we should look at educational processes, care about our cities where petrochemists live. All these issues will be a priority. I would like to thank the petrochemists for the contribution to the development of the republic, the dynamics we have. I want our country and republic blossom,” noted Rustam Minnikhanov at the award ceremony.

Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov’s congratulations were delivered by his deputy Gulnaz Kadyrova.

“I am very grateful for the honest work provided outrunning production growth pace of the sector in 2021. Despite the current economic reality, positive dynamics stay in the first quarter of the year too. The chemical sector is rightly the vanguard of the economy of the Russian Federation, since the achievement of modern chemistry are used almost in all the spheres of society,” she said.

Gulnaz Kadyrova also stressed that 11 investment projects were implemented in Russia last year, with a total investment of about 37 billion rubles, more than 600 new highly productive jobs were created.

“Serious investment projects are implemented in your enterprises, current plants are modernised, reconstructed, which will allow saving the high pace of production of chemicals in the future. I sincerely wish you and your dearest and nearest new discoveries, labour achievements for the good of Russia,” the vice minister of industry and trade of Russia added.

Paying tribute

Honourable guests thanked the petrochemists of the republic for their job, separately addressed the veterans who had laid the foundation for Tatarstan’s petrochemical sector. After that, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov switched to handing over state awards and letters of gratitude. Igor Ilyukhin, equipment operator of TAIF-NK JSC oil refinery whose work history in the petrochemical sector is 22 years and 5 months, received the title Honourable Chemist of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Igor Alikovich started his career at TAIF-NK JSC in 2005 as fourth-category caster of Dark Sulphurous Oil Product Pouring and Storage Shop of the oil refinery. In 2012, he became sixth-category equipment operator in Bitumen Shop he has been working now. The appreciation of Igor Ilyukhin’s work with a state award is deserving, his colleagues in the shop think. He has educated and brought up 12 young workers.

“I am 47, of which 25 I have spent in chemistry. I can say all my life is linked with the enterprise. It is pleasant when your job is appreciated. Today’s award is evidence of it, I am very happy. This means a lot for me, I am proud of receiving such an award,” Igor Ilyukhin shares his impressions.

The oil refinery’s equipment operator Fanis Minnebayev who has worked at ELOU-AVT unit for 29 years alone and his total work history in the petrochemical sector is 42 years and 9 months was also paid attention. The worker of the company became a laureate in Veteran of Chemical Sector and given a diploma, certificate and a memorable statuette.

“I have worked at TAIF-NK for nearly 30 years, in a friendly and united staff. It is pleasant the management has appreciated my work that I have been awarded today. Many thanks. Happy Chemist’s Day for you all!” says Fanis Minnebayev with pride.

More than 80 workers of TAIF-NK JSC oil refinery were awarded honourable titles, gratitude and different diplomas on Chemist’s Day.

Russia’s record

TAIF-NK JSC is a modern oil refinery of the Republic of Tatarstan uniting Petrol Plant, an oil refinery and the Heavy Residues High Conversion Facility. The assortment of oil products includes more than 50 names. Diesel fuel, naphtha, motor fuel, kerosene and jet fuel, vacuum gasoil and mazut are key products.

It is noteworthy that TAIF-NK JSC is Russia’s only oil refinery that processes highly sulphurous heavy oil with 95% recovery of light oil products. It is an absolute record in Russia and holds a good spot among international oil refineries. It became possible to achieve such results thanks to dedicated labour and workers’ high professionalism.

“The oil refining sector is one of the important spheres of the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. It has always been research intensive and required the implementation of the latest developments. Highly qualified staff is TAIF-NK’s forte. Our enterprise is a real talent pool. Many former workers who decided to move to another city work in Russia’s oil refineries, occupy top posts,” stresses Chief Engineer of TAIF-NK JSC Alexey Khramov. The staff of TAIF-NK JSC successfully copes with the tasks set to create and update production capacities, develop and implement new innovative projects, which are a source of the growth of the economy, citizens’ well-being and a guarantee of a good life for future generations.

“Dear workers of the oil refining and chemical industry, on behalf of the staff of TAIF-NK JSC let me congratulate you on your professional holiday. Oil refining and petrochemistry are one of the high-tech and economically significant sectors of the economy requiring deep knowledge and high professionalism. Many Tatarstan chemical and petrochemical enterprises make a big contribution to the Development Programme of the Gas and Petrochemical Complex of Russia and the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan as the biggest in Europe and the Russian Federation. Of course, people are behind this.

The significant contribution of highly qualified specialists, many generations of chemists and representatives of the oil refining industry, their great professionalism and dedication to the labour are the reliable foundation for new ideas, projects, innovations and horizons. Special words of gratitude go to the veterans of the sector, everybody who founded the petrochemical sector in the Republic of Tatarstan. Many of you still work in the enterprise giving your valuable knowledge to the youth.

I sincerely wish everybody strong health, optimism and luck. I wish your families mutual understanding, mutual respect, happiness and well-being. I wish staffs successes and stable development,” Director General of TAIF-NK JSC Maxim Novikov congratulated the workers of the sector on Chemist’s Day.

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