Kazan citizens unhappy with salaries: they want to start IT career and earn 100K rubles

Humanities majors ready to become IT geeks

More than half of Kazan citizens don’t like their job — 45% of the respondents complain about a low salary, while 23% aren’t happy with the management, reads study of hh.ru online recruiter and Skypro online university Realnoe Vremya has at its disposal. And only 6% are content with what they are doing now and how much money they get for this.

And almost everybody wants to work in the IT sector: somebody (73%) has been dreaming of this for more than a month, some (25%) have in the last year. A high salary and the prospect of career development attract them.

“More than half Russians consider they can go to the technologies sector, which can be linked with a diversity of digital jobs, from testers to product manager. Almost one in two (45%) think that they have the necessary set of mind, while 29% of the respondents though call their are humanities minded people but are ready to start a career in IT,” said Olesya Plotnikova, head of the Recruitment and Adaptation Department at hh.ru.”

100K rubles is obviously not the ceiling

As for the salaries why people go to IT, 33% of Kazan citizens hope to get 100,000 rubles and more. Indeed, such money is paid in this sphere: according to another study of hh.ru, 6% of Tatarstan workers admitted they received over 100,000 rubles a month, it is representatives of the top management, construction and IT. And there are more men than women, 18% versus 8%.

Another 24% of Kazan respondents agree to receive 50-70,000 rubles in the IT sphere. According to another survey, 23% of Tatarstan residents have such an income. 100,000 rubles is obviously not the ceiling because SuperJob reads that a programmer in Kazan can earn even 185,000 rubles. Such a specialist should develop and accompany configurations, participate in the creation of the architecture of subsystems. It is noteworthy that IT vacancies often rank first in the rating of the highest paid jobs.

While the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs recently offered to raise the income bar for self-employed IT specialists to 5 million rubles a year which is 416,600 rubles a month. A report of the union says that this could increase the number of officially registered self-employed people paying taxes at a preferential rate.

Impossible to become an IT specialist quickly

At the same time, it is hard to become an IT specialist quickly and without due involvement, claimed Development Director of Skypro online university Mikhail Sverdlov:

“More than 40% of Russians think that training to get a junior position takes up to six months. Only 24% note that it takes a year. First, IT specialists have higher competition because companies want to see their employees more able to learn and create valuable products. One in five respondents stresses that an IT specialist receives from 6 to 10 invitations for a job interview, but in fact, this happens to middle and senior employees.”

Kazan citizens are interested in IT jobs. In January, the amount of search requests made by Kazan citizens about extended education ranked seventh among big Russian cities. The citizens’ 20,000 search requests in January were about learning IT specialities in general. So one in ten request about professional education was about a researcher, while 8% had to do with a tester, which is considered one of the easiest ways to enter the IT industry.

Daria Pinegina

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