‘Rural’ state programme in Tatarstan shrinks twice

However, the rural mortgage doesn’t lose its speed: Tatarstan residents have taken loans for nearly a billion in the last three months

Last year, 1,600 rural mortgages at 3,6 billion rubles in total were granted in Tatarstan. Vice Minister of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Marsel Makhmutov said this at a press conference dedicated to the integrated development of rural territories and rural mortgage. The Tatarstan Ministry of Agriculture and Food discussed the performance of state programmes in 2020 and complained about a fall in funding. Read more in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

“State programmes are a kind of tools to improve the life in the countryside”

In 2020, a bit more than 3 billion rubles were allocated to implement Integrated Development of Rural Territories state programme. 1,3bn of the sum came from the federal budget, a billion rubles was spent from the republican budget. Local budgets allocated another 40 million, and 675 million rubles of extra-budget money was received as additional financing.

“State programmes are a kind of tools to improve the life in the countryside,” Vice Minister of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Marsel Makhmutov claimed. “We try to take advantage of all opportunities to have pleasant changes in the republic.”

The interest in the rural mortgage doesn’t decrease, but some districts are more interesting than others

“The interest in the rural mortgage doesn’t decrease,” Makhmutov said. “People continue to actively take out loans to improve their living conditions. At the same time, they don’t accumulate debts. Tens of thousands of rubles are nothing compared to the total amount.”

Indeed, Tatarstan is among leading regions with the biggest number of rural mortgages. In 2020, over 1,600 loans for around 3,6bn rubles were granted in the republic. The programme isn’t contemplating to slow down: 446 mortgages in the countryside for a total of 992 million rubles have been granted in the republic in the last three months of 2021.

Country houses in Vysokaya Gora, Verkhny Uslon and Zelenodolsk District are the most popular areas among the population. It is obvious: these are the closest territories to Kazan, and many are moving in here to live and go to the city to work.

“Rosselkhozbank remains the leader like last year. Sberbank has notably gone up with its number of users of the preferential mortgage,” the vice minister mentioned partner banks of the state programme.

We should remind you that a rural mortgage is a state programme designed to help one with buying or building housing in the countryside. Its rate is from 0,1 to 3%, while the biggest amount of the loan is 3 million rubles.

Integrated Development of Rural Territories state is tightening its belt

In 2021, the funding of Integrated Development of Rural Territories state programme in Tatarstan has been cut more than twice.

“The limits have significantly decreased compared to last year,” Makhmutov said. “First of all, because the state programme hasn’t received enough financing across the country. Financing looks modest enough. But if we help at least one family to buy a house or create infrastructure somewhere, the work won’t be in vain.”

Spas District is scolded

But it is early for countrymen to be sad. There are plans for state programmes this year.

“This year, Support for Employment of Country Population project will be implemented for the first time in Tatarstan,” the vice minister said. “It envisages that agricultural producers will be compensated up to 90% of costs according to an apprenticeship agreement signed with a worker. The indicated goal has 8,4 million rubles per 81 people and 700,000 rubles for 28 people to pay for salaries and accommodation of students who do their practice.”

The republic also implements Modern Appearance of Rural Territories target programme. In 2020, the number of lucky people who will receive money within the programme is small, but such people exist:

The top 5 districts that actively participate in state programmes are: Kukmor, Kamskoye Ustye, Menzelinsk, Aktanysh and Buinsk District. Chistopol, Almetyevsk, Zainsk, Yelabuga, Agryz District are the outsiders. And Spas District deserved to be mentioned separately.

“Spas District is the only district that hasn’t participated in any measure,” Makhmutov claimed. “Hopefully, they will fix it and be more active in the future... Perhaps, it is our mistake too. We didn’t manage to explain and deliver something.”

By Yelena Simakova