Tatarstan swept by a dangerous abnormal wave of cold

Abnormal frosts

The hydrometeorological centre of Russia has warned the authorities of Tatarstan and several other regions of the country about a dangerous weather phenomenon. We are talking about an abnormal wave of cold that has swept over the republic, as well as Astrakhan Oblast, Orenburg Oblast, Samara Oblast, Tambov Oblast, and Voronezh Oblast.

According to federal forecasters, in the coming days in Tatarstan and in these regions, the thermometer will drop 7-10 degrees below normal, said Roman Vilfand, the scientific director of the hydrometeorological centre of Russia. According to him, such an abnormal drop in winter temperatures for a long time is considered a dangerous phenomenon and is called a “cold wave”.

“Emergency information — storm warning due to cold weather in some regions. This is the so-called cold wave," said Vilfand, adding that the meteorologist has already sent this information to the authorities and public services, to minimise the consequences. “If a long period of temperatures below normal by more than 7 degrees is a dangerous phenomenon, it is necessary to prepare for it, to provide advance industrial and residential premises warm.”

Accident left without heat 50,000 of the inhabitants of Yelabuga

Abnormal frosts have already led to a major municipal emergency in Tatarstan. On the eve of the accident in Yelabuga, 220 apartment buildings and 50,000 residents were left without heat. As reported in the ministry of emergency situations of the Republic of Tatarstan, there was a break in the heating main in the area of house 3 on Gizzat Street. The city's population has been warned about the emergency by SMS notification.

Tatarstan Prosecutor Ildus Nafikov instructed to check the causes of the accident and assess the actions of public utilities and responsible organisations. By three o'clock in the morning, emergency recovery work was completed, and the heat supply to Yelabuga was restored in full.

Serious utility accidents occurred in other regions where the cold wave came. For example, in Samara, a dozen apartment buildings were left without water, in the region due to abnormal frosts extended the “orange” level of danger. In Voronezh, a storm warning has been announced and heating points were deployed for the military.

Near Astrakhan, an emergency shutdown occurred in 14 localities. In Orsk (Orenburg Oblast), as a result of a water pipe break, three streets were flooded.

Frosts will be replaced by fog and frosts again

The ministry of emergency situations of the Republic of Tatarstan also warned Tatarstan residents about the abnormally cold weather that set in the republic until December 10. A letter was sent to the heads of districts, heads of ministries and departments about the need to reduce the risks of emergencies — due to frost, the probability of accidents at energy and utility facilities, man-made fires and carbon monoxide poisoning increases significantly.

Besides, there may be cases of hypothermia and frostbite among the population, as well as deterioration of the sanitary and epidemiological situation, the appeal says.

According to Tatarstan weather forecasters, the republic, like most of the European territory of Russia, is still under the influence of a vast anticyclone. These days it will get colder to 20-25 degrees below zero. In some areas, it is expected to reach -28°C, which is by 9-16 degrees below the climate norm.

Tatarstan meteorologists forecast abnormally cold weather today. Mostly without precipitation, the minimum air temperature at night is -15... -20, with clearings up to -25, the maximum temperature during the day is -9... -14. There's a lot of ice on the roads.

By Vasilya Shirshova