Under strong wing: TAIF-NK continues to help Tatarstan Cadet Corps

Representatives of TAIF-NK JSC participated in a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Soviet Union Hero Gani Safiullin Volga Federal District Tatarstan Cadet Corps where the final unified state exam results were made public and plans for the future were outlined. The Cadet Corps will celebrate two jubilees at the end of the year and probably open its own driving training class soon. More is in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

Two people for one position

The prestige of the Tatarstan Cadet Corps continues to confidently grow. This year cadets-to-be had a serious selection process, one in two people can enter it. Boys not only from Tatarstan but also all corners of Russia dream of getting education here. 25% of all students today are residents of other regions, there are cadets from Chita and Crimea. The rest of 75% are residents of Tatarstan.

TAIF-NK oil refinery makes a considerable contribution to the children’s military and patriotic education. The enterprise annually allocates a significant amount of money to the Foundation for Civil Society Development in the Volga Federal District to Cadetry federal programme, which was launched on the initiative of the Russian president’s plenipotentiary representative in the Volga Federal District in 2013.

The unique project is aimed at the intellectual, cultural, physical, moral development of the younger generation. There were created six regional cadet corps in the Volga Federal District within this project. One of them opened in Nizhnekamsk. It is the Soviet Union Hero Gani Safiullin Volga Federal District Tatarstan Cadet Corps.

Key partner in Cadetry federal project

“TAIF-NK is one of the key partners of the project on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan,” Director of the Foundation for Civil Society Development in the Volga Federal District NCO Vladimir Ushakov says. “We can certainly assert that the Tatarstan Cadet Corps has the latest infrastructure thanks to the company’s financial support.”

The educational institution purchased the latest innovative equipment for studies. There is a robotics class, a driving training room, two cars, a photo studio and videography, tourism equipment, exercise machines, sports equipment and so on.

“I want to express special words of gratitude to Director General Rushan Shamgunov personally for the long-term joint work in socially important projects. We hope for further fruitful cooperation in this sphere,” Aleksey Ushakov stressed.

Equal conditions for every pupil

It should be noted that the Tatarstan Cadet Corps pays special attention to orphans, children from single-parent and low-income families for whom the corps becomes the second home during studies and pedagogues and teachers turn into their dear people. Equal conditions are created for every child here despite the parents’ financial well-being.

For instance, for outstanding academic accomplishments, medals at Olympiads and sports competitions cadets annually go outside Nizhnekamsk. Students of the cadet corps have been in Kazan, Izhevsk, Perm, Moscow. They have been in the final rehearsal of the Victory Parade in the Red Square, managed to see cultural and historical landmarks of the capital. The excursion included a visit to the Kremlin, the Armed Forces Museum, Zaryadye Park. These trips could have been impossible for many boys without TAIF-NK’s financial support.

“Career guidance trips were very attractive for our children, as due to a certain family status not all of them had had a chance to go to big Russian cities,” Director of the Soviet Union Hero Gani Safiullin Volga Federal District Tatarstan Cadet Corps Irina Plaksina. “Thanks to TAIF-NK’s help, its not indifferent attitude to the children, the boys had a chance to go to the M. Kalashnikov Museum in Izhevsk, Alabino Test Site in Moscow, see Qul Sharif Mosque in Kazan and many other interesting places.”

Cadet from the Grade 11a Roman Davydenko is from Crimea. He entered the Tatarstan Cadet Corps last year. During this period, the youngster has been in a cadet ball and Young Patriots’ Forum in Perm, has been in the oath ceremony of students of the Tank College in Kazan.

“The excursion in Moscow and the final rehearsal of the Victory Parade in Red Square etched on my memory among all the trips. I can’t express in words what I saw. I had been watching the Victory Parade on TV for many years, but when I turned out in the stands, I understood that a completely different atmosphere reigned here,” Roman shares his impressions.

To follow the course

TAIF-NK intends to follow the course for patriotic education of the youth and preparation of good staff for the armed forces of Russia. It will continue allocating considerable amounts of money for Cadetry programme.

“TAIF-NK is a socially-oriented enterprise. This is why special attention is paid to social help and charity. Support of the younger generation, including the development of military and patriotic education, are one of the key areas. Patriotism is the foundation of consolidation of society and reinforcement of the state,” Director General of TAIF-NK JSC Ruslan Shamgunov says.

Officials of the educational institution are considering the creation of a driving training room. It was discussed at the meeting of the Board of Trustees with representatives of TAIF-NK JSC. Mayor of the city Aydar Metshin also talked about merits of the teaching staff of the cadet corps at a weekly meeting of directors:

“The task of the new academic year is not to reduce the bar, raise the level and quality of education by paying special attention to integrated development of personality, educational and civic and patriotic areas. And I would like to express words of gratitude to the whole staff chaired by its director Plaksina Irina for the good job, wish success in the new academic year.”

Double jubilee

In December the Soviet Union Hero Gani Safiullin Volga Federal District Tatarstan Cadet Corps will celebrate two jubilees: 15th anniversary of the boarding school in Nizhnekamsk and 5th anniversary of the school’s status of corps.

Strong friendship has bonded TAIF-NK JSC and the Cadet Corps for long years. The students participate in every municipal event. On 9 May, the boys are given the honour to open the Victory Parade. Then the officials of the company together with the cadets lay flowers to the Monument to Victory paying tribute to the memory and respect for the soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War.

Today the Tatarstan Cadet Corps is the pride and trademark of Nizhnekamsk. The teachers and cadets have felt the support of the oil refinery for more than 10 years, which, undoubtedly, influences the quality of training and education. Competitive graduates leave the educational institution. The boys enter higher educational institutions, including military universities.

Partnership material

By Liliya Yegorova

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