''We need to pay attention to folk medicine, this is our feature. Even in Udmurtia there are a lot of healers''

State Duma Deputy Valery Buzilov has proposed to lure tourists with unconventional methods of treatment

State Duma Deputy from Udmurtia Valery Buzilov has proposed to attract tourists to the region from abroad with traditional medicine. He noted that, despite the negative attitude to healers and methods of recovery going ''from the depths of centuries'', from the official medicine, their services are used by doctors themselves. Experts doubt that healers will be of interest to tourists from the outside, however, it is worth to develop proven methods of recovery, especially in the Udmurt Republic there is potential for medicinal plant cultivation. Read more in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

''We should pay attention to folk medicine''

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from Udmurtia, Member of the faction United Russia and the Committee on Budget and Taxes Valery Buzilov proposed within the framework of development of medical tourism, which could attract guests from abroad, to deal with the topic of traditional medicine. He cited the example of a trip of Russians to China, India and Thailand, where they can experience the traditional methods of treatment. This the deputy said at a press conference in Izhevsk. Earlier, he took part in a meeting on the development of medical tourism in the State Duma. According to Buzilov, now quite a large flow of citizens of other countries who come to Russian medical centres to receive the necessary treatment. However, folk methods can also be attractive.

''I said that, probably, it is necessary to pay attention to folk medicine. Today, traditional medicine is considered unconventional, but this is our feature, because even in Udmurtia there are many healers, who come from everywhere, even from abroad, people come who are interested and can not be cured by traditional medicine. The official medicine in out country do not pay attention to this layer,'' he said.

At the same time, Buzilov added that during the discussion he was given the cold shoulder from the representatives of the health system, who do not welcome unverified and disapproved methods of recovery. At the same time, foreigners are now lured into the Russian banya, which he also attributed to the elements of traditional medicine.

''Udmurtia is famous for shamans. I know representatives of the cardiology centre who use the services of these shamans when they cannot cure themselves. Three years ago, I also visited a healer in Samara Oblast. There were doctors sitting in line and recording her. The attitude was skeptical, but then they came and thanked that they really recovered after the meeting,'' Buzilov told.

Valery Buzilov: ''Udmurtia is famous for shamans. I know representatives of a cardiology centre who use the services of these shamans when they cannot cure themselves.'' Photo: duma-er.ru

The deputy noted that, of course, this direction also needs to be regulated, and there is no decision how to do it now. Now different healers have a lot of diplomas, which they themselves give, so the issue needs to be addressed.

''There is an insane amount of allergies to drugs in the world''

Head of the public reception of United Russia in Udmurtia, former Chairman of the standing committee of the State Council of Healthcare Svetlana Krivileva, who attended the press conference, in the comment to Realnoe Vremya noted that it is necessary to advance not so much healers as the existing alternative methods of recovery, such as hippotherapy, hirudotherapy and the use of the gifts of nature.

''Here, I would add not traditional healers, but certified at the federal level varzi-yatchinsky dirt that are used on the spot, they have a very powerful healing effect in the treatment of infertility. We have great water sources, on which protected the candidate's dissertation – it is Uva and varzi-yatchinsky water. The very nature of the Kama region is favourable for tourism, in particular ecotourism, when people come from town to village, can dig potatoes, pick berries, milk goats. In addition, there are herbalist who collect different herbs, it is now important because in the world there is an insane amount of allergies to medications,'' noted Kriveleva.

At the same time, such activities must be certified and comply with all safety standards. On the other hand, people have the right to resort to traditional methods of treatment.

Svetlana Kriveleva noted that not so much healers, but as many existing alternative methods of healing, such as equine therapy, hirudotherapy and use of the gifts of nature should be used. Photo: udmtv.ru

''It is necessary to expand the direction of medicinal plant growing''

Deputy of the State Council of Udmurtia, Rector of the Russian Academy of Medical and Social Rehabilitation Farid Yunusov doubts in general the prospects of medical tourism, as the level of development of health care in Russia cannot be compared with European countries. Now patients come to Russia only if here the same operations and medical procedures are cheaper, or for some individual medical services. The flow of Russians wishing to be treated abroad is hundreds of times more.

As for the direction of traditional medicine, it needs to be developed, Yunusov believes. In Russia, this area is already regulated by the state, and a person can get the status of a national healer.

''Here and in official public health institutions national methods of treatment, which are hundreds and thousands of years, are applied. I mean acupuncture, application of leeches, products of beekeeping, acupressure, that is a number of methods are officially allowed by the ministry of health of the Russian Federation,'' Yunusov noted.

At the same time, of course, many work illegally and use questionable treatments that can lead to a deterioration in the physical condition of the patient, the disease will simply develop, and this can eventually turn into serious consequences, Yunusov says. However, people turn to such ''healers'' often because medical services are not available to them for various reasons.

''Folk medicine should be developed and supported, I mean methods that have been tested for centuries and their effectiveness is confirmed by science. In particular, it is necessary to expand the direction of medicinal crop production. In Udmurtia, there are many fields and forests where such valuable plants could be grown, and the collection of wild plants can be developed. In Soviet times, all this existed, but then everything was destroyed. Such natural remedies are an alternative to chemicals that are common but not always of high quality. Now large pharmaceutical companies squeeze natural products from the market, although with the right appointment they can be more effective than the usual drugs from pharmacies,'' says Yunusov.

Farid Yunusov doubts the prospects of medical tourism in general, as the level of development of health care in Russia cannot be compared with European countries. Photo: susanin.news

He also believes that the approved methods of traditional medicine used in clinics should be included in the compulsory health insurance, so that patients can use them free of charge.

Head of the regional branch of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry Elena Zakhidova doubts that traditional medicine can become an additional direction that can attract tourists to Udmurtia.

''Tourists in Russia may be interested only in shamans in Buryatia or Altai, the famous Altai herbs, but only if such areas are actively advertised. As for Udmurtia, we are talking about plans to develop many different areas of tourism, but it's time to focus on something particular,'' said Zakhidova.

By Mikhail Krasilnikov