Minnikhanov: ''If you speak for four hours straight, nobody will want to have business with you''

Tatarstan has undertaken to build polymer bridges with Kabardino-Balkaria and to implement digital economy

''You should present yourself so that generals of big business run after you hoppingly,'' Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov was retraining software vendors, making them to change the scientific-sounding language of presentations into provocative advertising slogans on February 26th. About how Minnikhanov turned into a coach for boring smart people from Acronis and Valadorus-Soft at a board meeting of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding, why an import-substituting project from the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic attracted him, and where the head of SEZ Alabuga is looking for new residents – read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Tatarstan president: you scared me a minute that we should come up with everything ourselves

Without usual eastern preliminary words, the first floor at the board meeting of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding was given to Yury Altudov, the rector of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after K. M. Berbekov.

Unlike his ''unceremonious'' Tatarstan friends, he repeated the words of gratitude for the invitation ''to be here and to represent the development of new highly efficient import-substituting technology for super engineering polymers'' every five minutes. To everyone's surprise, the technology even surpasses the world analogues.

Then Yury Altudov reminded about political moments that pushed him to come to Tatarstan. On February 28th, 2015, it was signed an agreement on trade, economic and cultural cooperation between the two regions, so Tatarstan could become the platform for placement of low-tonnage production of super engineering polymers. But, judging by the indifferent faces of directors general of Tatarstan enterprises, few believed in such miracles from Nalchik, taking the statements of Caucasian scientists as unctuous patterns.

After a few verbal courtesies, Yury Altudov suddenly stopped and did not proceed to tell about the essence of the technology of super engineering polymers.

Yury Altudov repeated the words of gratitude for the invitation ''to be here and to represent the development of new highly efficient import-substituting technology for super engineering polymers'' every five minutes

''What is the algorithm of our further actions?'' the president was surprised at the pause taken by him, which, in fact, was not a pause but the end of the welcoming speech. It turned out that the technology would be reported not by the rector but the head of the laboratory of advanced polymers, Svetlana Khashirova, who came together with him. Here the president felt relieved: ''You scared me a minute that we will have to think up the main by ourselves,'' he joked and invited her to the microphone.

Why collect letters if it is possible to enter the market

According to Svetlana Khashirova, super engineering polymers is the material of the VI technological setup, which is currently produced in the amount of only 330,000 tonnes worldwide. The demand for it grows by 10% a year.

The technology holders are only two global companies, and the access to the Russian market can be severely restricted amid the sanctions.

Svetlana Khashirova said that the university suggests an experiment not in a test tube, but for a fully-fledged production by the industry. Due to the lightness and strength of the polymers, they have already been used in the construction of the aircraft MC-21, she assured. Speaking about the commercial potential of the 'Nalchik' polymer, she reported that the university received letters from two dozen Russian companies ready to purchase these materials in the event of a launch of low-tonnage production.

''Maybe it would be better not to collect the letters but just enter the market,'' the Tatarstan president quipped. Svetlana Khashirova was not confused and answered in the spirit that Tatarstan could become a platform for the production of the import-substituting product. But the president again steered the conversation towards marketing, asking the main thing: are there calculations of the price of the product, whether it will be competitive with imported analogues? Here, the rector of the university again joined the dialogue, saying that these polymers are two times superior to conventional ones. ''Their cost starts from 100 to 300 euros per 1 kg, and the technology offered to you allows to reduce the prime cost by 20-30%,'' Yury Altudov answered.

According to Svetlana Khashirova, the demand for super engineering polymers grows by 10% a year

After exchanging a few words with the head of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding, Tatarstan president instructed him to go with experts to the university to evaluate the project. But it seems that political motives will work here more than commercial interests. ''It would be great if together we would begin to do large real projects. I'm very interested in that! So that we had some breakthroughs!'' Rustam Minnikhanov approved the cooperation between Tatarstan and Kabardino-Balkaria. Probably, already today Tatarstan petrochemical specialists will go to the Caucasus.

The 'encoded' language of programmers hinders digital economy

After the politicized case, it seemed that software developers could get a start in life quicker as digital economy is a more popular trend. Acronis offered Tatarstan businesses the import-substituting solutions on data protection, and Valadares Software, a resident of Innopolis, — the online analytical platform Geratics designed to automate the collection, analysis, visualization of data for human resource departments of organizations.

As stated by technical director of Valadorus Soft Igor Korshunov, the platform can become not only a means of automation and interactive environment for users, but it also carries a set of tools for processing heterogeneous personnel data. However, the technically complicated language of the programmers caused no understanding among businessmen, which was felt by head of the ministry of information and communications Roman Shaykhutdinov himself. Immediately after the long presentation of vice president of Acronis Oleg Shaykhatarov, he took the floor and began to clearly explain the commercial advantages of cooperation with Acronis, realizing that there would be no second chance.

''The company offers four main areas — data storing, software for control, data protection, artificial intelligence,'' the minister listed. ''It's a Singaporean company with presence in Russia. You can consider the cooperation with IT Park when your services will not buy separate servers and get depreciation within 5 years. This service model allows to optimize the income tax already today,'' Roman Shaykhutdinov, who is truly interested in growth of revenues of Innopolis residents, deciphered the coded language.

You're both so smart with Acronis

But after the transcendental presentation of Valadorus Soft's technical director Igor Korshunov, Rustam Minnikhanov himself took the coaching responsibility, exasperated by the ''cleverness'' of the speeches of the programmers.

''I am listening to you and I think you're both so smart with Acronis,'' the president said ironically, hinting that selling them their software products would be very difficult because of language barriers. ''We're not as smart as you are. That is why information should be prepared so that they run behind you, come to personnel services and tell — go ahead. You should amaze them with new things, competitive advantage, therefore your presentation should be provoking, aggressive, interesting,'' he kindly advised Igor Korshunov the necessary approaches.

''You know, I have already reduced the presentation. Originally I hoped for 4 hours,'' the technical director of Valadorus tried to justify himself.

As an example he cited a report of director general of the SEZ Alabuga Timur Shagivaleyev

''If you read for four hours straight, then no one would want to have business with you,'' Minnikhanov good-naturedly laughed and again brought the programmer to the basics of marketing. ''Tell them — ''you spend money on stupid consultants, but my platform will allow to solve problems quicker and cheaper,'' the president taught and could continue to explain mistakes for a long time if not time. As a result, the president instructed both companies to hold an introductory seminar for IT specialists.

As an example he cited a report of director general of the SEZ Alabuga Timur Shagivaleyev, who reported on the net profit of 70 billion rubles and the search for new residents. ''Timur is fine fellow: under him there are now Alabuga-2 and Alabuga-3,'' he praised his ward.

By Luiza Ignatyeva. Photo: president.tatar.ru