From Ryzhikov to Ansaldi: best transfers of Rubin of all time

Top-5 by Realnoe Vremya

From Ryzhikov to Ansaldi: best transfers of Rubin of all time

The fans of Kazan are tired of strange decisions of the former administration of Rubin, and they did not wait for anything good even from winter transfer window. However, the first steps of Rubin instill a slight optimism. And Realnoe Vremya's sports staff offers a top 5, in their view, transfers for the whole history of the club.

Winter transfer window in Russia is at its height. Kazan Rubin has already had two new players. Both purchases close the problematic position. So, Denis Tkachuk will be a rival on the left wing for Karadeniz, and Mijo Caktas will strengthen the potential of the team in the centre of the field. But, there are still 'heaps' in the positions of 'stones' which are to be cleaned. Central defenders and midfielders are still needed. There is a small confidence that the administration of the club understands it. In any case, an abundance of rumours concerning new purchases of Rubin does not cease.

Mijo Caktas will strengthen the attacking potential of the team in the centre. Photo:

Today we are not going to rummage in these 'duck tales of the world net' but speak about the history of Rubin – success and failures in transfer politics. The sports staff of Realnoe Vremya presents the fans of Rubin five most successful deals of Kazan in the big football market. It is curious that all our nominees refer to Berdyev's era in Rubin. It should be said that the current transfer campaign of the club reminds the purchase of the players before the start of 'stones' in Premier League of Russia in 2003.

Back to our list… It is clear that Rubin had more than 5 successful transfers. This is why not all favourites of the fans will be included in the list. Here we will take into account the funds spent on a player, his loyalty to the club and personal and team results.

Top 5 successes of Rubin on transfer market

  • Sergey Ryzhikov. The goalkeeperhas been playing in the club since 2008; the player was purchased for €650,000 from Lokomotiv.

    After long discussions in the editorial, the first place in this nomination goes to the continual No.1 of Rubin – Sergey Ryzhikov. Purchased for a small amount of money, the reservist of Moscow Lokomotiv became a player of the first eleven in the team of the Premier League. He won many titles and trophies, made his debut in the national team of Russia. Undoubtedly, that memorable victory on 'Camp Nou' wouldn't be possible without this goalkeeper. Playing in the club after when Sorokin, Gromov left it, Ryzhikov deserves a real love of all fans of Rubin. Sergey has played 277 matches having Rubin's T-shirt on. He made his debut at Rubin in 2008 and is still the main goalkeeper of the team. Even there is a special song in Russian about him. Sergey is loyal to his team, and, as it seems, will finish his career here.

Cris played at Rubin six seasons (2008-2013) and collected a practically entire collection of the trophies of Russian football.Photo:

  • Cristian Ansaldi. The left back was purchased for €3,6m from Newell's Old Boys and played at Rubin from 2008 to 2013.

    The attacking defender came to Rubin to achieve great success in 2008 for a good money at that time. He did not become an immediate leader of the club. Kurban Berdyev had to spend nerve cells in order to make the player execute defensive functions well. Ansaldi accepted the requirements of the mentor and became the leader of Kazan in the short run.

    Cris played at Rubin six seasons (2008-2013) and collected a practically entire collection of the trophies of Russian football. He took part in 128 matches and scored two goals. Moreover, the club of Tatarstan earned money when sold him. In 2013, the Argentinian was sold to Zenit for €6m. Ansaldi did not succeed on the Neva River banks, where played only 9 matches. His loan spell at Atletico-Madrid was not fruitful too. Today the favourite of the spectators of Kazan and the main 'joker of the locker room' of Rubin successfully represents Genoa in the Italian Serie A. But the player belongs to Zenit, and his career perspectives lack clarity.

Cristian played at Rubin 107 matches and scored 22 goals. Photo:

  • Cristian Noboa. The central midfielder was purchased for €1,5m from Emelec (Ecuador) and played at Rubin from 2007 to 2011.

    In terms of sports and financial results, the Ecuadorian midfielder's sojourn was ideal. His club Emelec sold him for €1,5m. In the first season in 2008, having earned a place in the first eleven after the break in the championship in June, Noboa already was the key performer in Kurban Berdyev's system. In Kazan, Cristian became a two-time champion of Russia, participated in Champions League, so his transfer was recompensed. As a result, Cristian played at Rubin 107 matches a scored 22 goals.

    In Kazan, he also met his future wife whose efforts to make Noboa leave Rubin are unclear but obvious for the fans of the club. Nevertheless, Kazan managed to sell the Ecuadorian to Dinamo for €8m thanks to Rubin's President Dmitry Samarenkin, who was mostly unappreciated.
  • Cesar Navas. The central midfielder was purchased for €2m from Racing (Spain). Cesar played in the club from 2009 to 2015.

    Navas came to Kazan for quite a small amount of money when Rubin became the champion of Russia. In 2009, the experienced Cesar cemented the defence of the club, helped the team to defend the title and successfully represent Rubin in the Champions League. Navas, in fact, was a playing coach in defence, so, thanks to him, Roman Shirokov and Solomon Kverkvelia reached another level. Navas played at Rubin 164 matches and scored 3 goals.

Navas, in fact, was a playing coach in defence. Photo:

This transfer is an example of the fact that it is not obligatory to make money while reselling a player. For 6 seasons, Navas completely compensated his transfer and showed that one football player is able to help its team to reach another level like a coach.

The decision not to prolong the contract with the skilled Spaniard was a serious mistake of the administration of the club when Sokorin and Gromov were there. Now Navas helps Rostov to reach another level as well as Berdyev. The famous two-metre giant cost the southerners nothing.

  • Gökdeniz Karadeniz. The midfield was purchased for €8,7m from Trabzonspor and has been playing since 2008.

    He is an example of an expensive transfer. Berdyev purchased him for €8,7m before winning the first title. This example is a personification of a saying: there's no such thing as a free lunch. The spending lived up to the expectations, so, Rubin got one 'image' of the club more except the coach.

    Actually, Gökdeniz is an icon of the club. He has been forming the squad for more than 8 years and is not going to stop. This 35-year-old player is the leader and constructor of the attack of Kazan. Karadeniz came to Rubin in 2008 and collected the entire collection of the trophies at the domestic arena. He plays stably in European Cups too. Just remember his winning goal to the goals of Barcelona, so now the whole world has seen Kurban Berdyev raising his hands over his head towards the sky. We can speak about Karadeniz during much time, he is an absolute No.1 in attack of Rubin, where hee has played 184 games and scored 36 goals.

Actually, Gökdeniz is an icon of the club. Photo: Roman Khasaev

Aside from these five players, there are many 'delicious' transfers of Rubin Kazan. They all deserve to be mentioned, without doubt. The fans will always remember Semak, Dominguez, Sibaya, Scotti, Calisto, Natho, Sharonov, Kuzmin, Kaleshin, Rebrov, etc.

P.S. It is pleasant that transfer window passes without any strange deals. However, having invited the Columbian Jose Valencia to take part in a training in Portugal, Rubin was close to one of them. Fortunately, the coaching staff of Kazan was qualified enough to send him back. We will hope that there won't be disastrous transfers in such an important transfer window and we won't remind about top 5 worst transfers of Rubin.

By Artur Khalillulov