State Duma approves new Russian government officials: 11 ministers stay in office

State Duma approves new Russian government officials: 11 ministers stay in office
Photo: Дарья Пинегина

The State Duma approved the ministers of a new government. The list includes 16 candidacies proposed by Russian Premier Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

The new ministers are:

  • Roman Starovoyt (formerly chaired Kursk region) became transport minister;
  • Anton Alikhanov (former governor of Kaliningrad region) chaired the Ministry of Industry and Trade;
  • Sergey Tsivilev (chaired Kemerov region) became energy minister;

  • Mikhail Degtyaryov (chaired Khabarovsk region) became sport minister;
  • Oxana Lut chaired the Ministry of Agriculture (ex-first vice minister of agriculture).

The followings officials stayed in office:

  • Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov;
  • Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov;
  • Minister of Digitalisation Maksut Shadayev;
  • Minister of Health Care Mikhail Murashko;
  • Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova;
  • Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov;
  • Minister of Education and Science Valery Falkov Минобрнауки;
  • Minister of Labour Anton Kotyakov;
  • Minister of Construction Irek Fayzullin

  • Minister of Environment Alexander Kozlov;
  • Minister for Development of the Far East and Arctic Alexey Chekunkov

The State Duma recently approved candidacies for vice premiers. Denis Manturov will occupy the post of first vice premier of Russia. He will supervise the whole range of technological sovereignty issues.

These are the other vice premiers:

  • Head of the government administration Dmitry Grigorenko will supervise public administration, budget and regulatory politics as well as digital development, communications and anti-monopoly politics.
  • Tatiana Golikova will oversee the Ministry of Health Care, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Culture and the Federal Agency for Ethnicities.
  • Alexander Novak will be responsible for energy and economy.
  • Alexey Overchuk will supervise Eurasian integration affairs and cooperation with international organisations.
  • Dmitry Patrushev will chair agriculture, the agro-industrial complex and environment.

  • Vitaly Savelyev will rule the development of transport and logistics.
  • Plenipotentiary representative of the president to the Far Easter Federal District Yury Trutnev will be responsible for socio-economic development of Far Eastern regions.
  • Marat Khusnullin will govern construction, urban engineering and utility services.
  • Dmitry Chernyshenko will lead education, youth affairs, science, AI, sport, tourism and mass media.
Renata Valeyeva, Daria Pinegina

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