Kazan Marathon: 18,000 runners in Kazan

Kazan Marathon: 18,000 runners in Kazan
Photo: Динар Фатыхов

The jubilee Kazan Marathon took place yesterday in Kazan. During the first day, its participants ran 3 and 10 km, half-marathon and marathon runners competed on Sunday. A total of 30,000 were expected to be gathered in the competition coming from 14 countries and 80 regions.

Around 11,000 people decided to run 3 km. About 7,000 ran 10 km. Andrey Suschenya (a coach of a running club from Petersburg) and Ulyana Andreyeva (Russian mixed relay cross-country running champion) won showing 30.43 and 34.24.

Running is for all ages. Dinar Fatykhov/ realnoevremya.ru.

Lectures took place during the day: people could talk with Anna Vikulova (2023 Russian champion in 10k) and Luiza Dmitriyeva (2023 Moscow Marathon winner). Kenyan athletes Vincent Yator (Paris marathon winner) and Philemon Bett were special guests of Kazan Marathon.

Head of the Olympic Council of Tatarstan Marat Bariyev also competed together with Tatarstan Sport Minister Vladimir Leonov.

Footballer Alexey Smertin, President of the Russian Athletic Federation Pyotr Ivanov, Russian State Duma deputy Yevgeny Revenko, senator Oleg Zemtsov, Abakan Mayor Alexey Lyomin arrived to run the longer distances along the Kazanka River.

Vice Mayor of Kazan Denis Kalinkin and chief architect Ilsiya Tukhvatullin were seen among Kazan citizens. Match TV transmitted the marathon on TV for the first time in history, by the way.

People have their own methods. Dinar Fatykhov / realnoevremya.ru.

Parade of Nations: Towards BRICS Games was expected at Trudovye Rezervy stadium in the evening. It was followed by a concert of two music bands. Thanks to the project BRICS Marathon League, it became possible to increase the prize money from 3 to 8 million rubles. At least 10,000 people participated in the marathon on Sunday. The winners received 400,000 rubles.

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