‘We are ready for a large number of guests’: republican iftar obtains federal status

Guests of a regional iftar will be prepared pilaw made with two tonnes of meat and a tonne of rice

‘We are ready for a large number of guests’: republican iftar obtains federal status
Photo: Динар Фатыхов

The 12th republican iftar will be held in Kazan on 29 March. More believers than before will be able to participate in it — 12,000. One of the biggest fast breaking evening in the country will be hosted under the aegis of Russia — Islamic Strategic Vision Group this year. Ambassadors and consuls will be invited to the event.

Tonnes of meat, rice, vegetables and fruits

Three tonnes of meat, a tonne of rice, over a tonne of dates, dried apricot and other dried fruits, over two tonnes of vegetables and fruits, 2,000 litres of juice, 12,000 lemonade and 12,000 bottles of water. The amount of pastry and sweets is even bigger. These are the treats guests of the 12th republican iftar will be offered on the last Friday of March, as the end of the second decade of the holy month of Ramadan.

This year, the group fast breaking will be held at Kazan Expo International Exhibition Centre like its three previous editions. The site hasn’t changed since 2021. 12,000 people have been invited — Muslims from all parts of Tatarstan, including the needy and people with disabilities, those who participated in the special military operation and their families, different governors, many invited guests, starting with muftis from almost all Russian regions, including the People’s Republic of Donetsk and the People’s Republic of Luhansk and a big number of representatives of foreign countries. It should be reminded that 11,000 people participated in last year’s iftar.

The organisers assume that such a large number of guests can lead to some inconveniences, particularly, due to weather conditions. Visitors will have to take off their outdoor clothes. It is planned to arrange additional cloakrooms on the first floor of the exhibition centre to avoid crowding.

“With the help of volunteers we will make sure guests will leave their clothes in different cloakrooms equally to prevent crowding,” noted First Vice Director General of Kazan Expo Igor Astafyev.

“This is the first experience of hosting such a large-scale event with cloakrooms, we will do our best to make it successful,” he promised.

For convenience, there will be organised free trains to the iftar site. It is free of charge after showing the iftar ticket. Car owners who plan to arrive by car are recommended to come in advance. The cars can be left at free parking designed for 3,000 cars.

Milyausha Kashaftutdinova
Analytics Tatarstan