Tourist couldn’t care less about love on business days: no buzz on Valentine’s Day, Tatarstan hoteliers say

Tourist couldn’t care less about love on business days: no buzz on Valentine’s Day, Tatarstan hoteliers say
Photo: Fatykhov

This year Tatarstan hoteliers haven’t registered a surge in bookings on 14 February when Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Executive Director of the Association of Kazan and Tatarstan Hotels Alexandra Yushutina told Realnoe Vremya about it.

“There is no buzz. If the hotel occupancy rate is 85-90% somewhere, this is mainly provided by people on business trip,” noted Yushutina.

In her opinion, the fact that the holiday is on Wednesday can be a reason.

“We hugely depend on the day of holidays. This time it will be a mid-week,” she reminded us and added that hoteliers hope there will be more tourists on 8 March, which is on Friday and is followed by Saturday and Sunday. Platonov

The picture is different among glamping sites. Owner of Urban camp Ilnar Khamidullin told Realnoe Vremya that “everything was booked a long time ago.”

“Weekends and holidays are booked a long time in advance, 3-4 weeks in advance. The majority — around 80-90% — are precisely the couples who come to spend time together: be together, watch a film, stay in a bath, listen to vinyl discs. Everything is for this,” claimed Khamidullin.

His colleague in rural holidays Gleb Kuznetsov is also doing great.

“The occupancy rate is 100%. Couples book all the houses. They started to call and book some three weeks in advance, maybe a month in advance,” Kuznetsov said adding that mainly locals, Kazan citizens com.

It should be reminded that Kazan regularly ends up in ratings of the most romantic cities of Russia from tourists’ perspective. 64% of travellers surveyed by explained that they consider the Tatarstan capital as the best city for people who are in love because of parks, 51% of respondents and noted the nature, 38% chose chic restaurants. Nazmetdinov (archive)

In a rating of accommodation booking service this year, Kazan finished eight as art facilities such as the clock on Bauman Street where dates. The respondents noted such art objects as such as the clock on Bauman Street, where people date and.

However, this time, weather men forecast that the weather is not for long romantic walks along snowy tracks of Kazan parks. It should be reminded that the temperature will go down on 14 February, to 19-24 degrees,

Galiya Shakirova