Mishustin approves 260m as support for Tatarstan agriculturists

Mishustin approves 260m as support for Tatarstan agriculturists
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The Russian government is going to transfer 260 million rubles to Tatarstan to compensate for costs of wheat, rye, maize and barley producers. The country’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on intergovernmental transfer allocation.

Saratov Oblast is going to receive more than Tatarstan in the Volga Federal District. The Russian government decided to allocate 395.16 million rubles to it to support grain producers.

Among Volga regions, money to compensate for grain producers’ expenses will be received in Penza Oblast (254.4m rubles), Bashkortostan (nearly 215.3 million), Samara Oblast (205.57m), Orenburg Oblast (172.9m), Ulyanovsk Oblast (130.6m), Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (128.6m), Mordovia (119.3m) and Chuvashia (61m). The smallest sum will go to Kirov Oblast (50.57m), Perm Krai (24.4m) and Mari El (20.8m).


As for Russian regions, Altai region (580.8m), Kursk Oblast (522.9m), Voronezh Oblast (488.5m), Volgograd Oblast (466.1m), Oryol Oblast (429.8m), Kaliningrad Oblast (409.2m), Tambov Oblast (403.8m), Novosibirsk Oblast (397.1m) are going to receive more money than Tatarstan. Omsk Oblast (368.5m), Belgorod Oblast (355.6m), Lipetsk Oblast (347.58m) and Krasnoyarsk region will also receive more money than Tatarstan.

It should be reminded that Vice Premier, Minister of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Marat Zyabbarov said that all grains were sown 2-2.5 weeks ahead of schedule because of early warm spring in the region in 2023. But then weather started to make surprises. Frost was registered in spring, there was drought in summer. As a result, the situation forced Rais of Tatarstan Rústame Minnikhanov declare a state of emergency to prevent a threat of food security that arose due to frost and drought. The emergency state was in force until early autumn — it was cancelled on 6 September.


As a result, the republic not only broke last year’s harvest record but also reduced the indicator. According to the latest data, harvest by early November 2023 in Tatarstan totalled 3.7 million tonnes including maize — it is 31.1.% less than during the same period last year.

There were problems with winter crops in autumn, 50.000 ha more were sown this year than planned — 550.000 ha. At the same time, the state of nearly half of the crops was assessed as bad.

The Russian Cabinet of Ministers will allocate the country’s regions a total of 10 billion rubles to support grain producers. The authorities consider that this money will help support agricultural producers, including in Central Russia, the Volga region and Siberia.

Tatiana Dyomina

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