Innopolis SEZ replenished with 13 residents and partners for 4.6bn rubles

The Supervisory Board of Innopolis SEZ, chaired by Rais of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, has approved 13 high-tech projects with a total investment of more than 4.6 billion rubles. In total, more than 600 high-tech jobs will be created.

As a result of the meeting, residents will receive the necessary office and production facilities, tax benefits, access to highly qualified personnel, services and events of the special economic zone, the press service of the rais of Tatarstan reports.

Seven projects have been approved for the implementation of technical and implementation activities at the sites of Innopolis SEZ in the Verkhneuslonsky district of Tatarstan. Among them — HiRus PLC project for the development of HiRus VideoMedBox Solution software and hardware complex, which will allow you to create smart operating rooms and broadcast medical operations anywhere in the world in real time in high resolution.

DigitalBizFactory PLC defended itself with a project to create secure fault-tolerant Interprice-level products for managing IT infrastructure in medium and large businesses.

ITsphere company will undertake the modernisation of ExactFarming platform. According to the plan, farmers will get the opportunity to determine the boundaries of fields from satellite images, productivity zones, as well as manage crop rotation, monitor equipment in automatic mode and produce a general scoring of the farm.

provided to by Tatarstan rais's press service

The application of Etton — Oil and Gas Solutions for the creation and launch of a high-tech intelligent system on the domestic market, which will provide analysis and multidimensional processing of large volumes of field data, has also been approved. They will help to make operational decisions on the implementation of hydrocarbon production processes.

Vice City Systems PLC will develop software aimed at resource conservation and safety in Innopolis SEZ. The company plans to integrate various engineering systems for the digitisation of the housing and communal services sector: IP intercom, video surveillance, fire alarm, security system, ACS, the introduction of CRM modules, additional services and informing residents.

The application of Iterra Modules PLC has been approved. This company will undertake the creation of an ERP system for the digitalisation of the Russian industry, logistics and trading companies.

provided to by Tatarstan rais's press service

The project of TA-Information Technologies PLC has been approved for the implementation of industrial and production activities in Innopolis SEZ in the Verkhneuslonsky district. It consists in the development and launch of mass production of high-speed industrial and portable switches, including for data centres. The area of the enterprise is more than 4.3 thousand square metres.

Industrial and production activities at the sites of Innopolis SEZ in the Laishevsky district will be carried out by SafDekor with a project for the production of decorative PVC films and other plastic products (covering an area of 7 hectares) and a plant for the production of electronic circuit boards for computing equipment ICL Electronics.

According to the results of the meeting, Techtrans-LAB, which will create a computer vision-based security system for railway infrastructure facilities, Integrated Information Systems, developing a platform for building automated control systems for industrial and civil facilities, and Fantastic Technologies (a subsidiary of the largest transport company Delko), which will prepare software to reduce the time for receiving, entering and transmitting information within the organisation, have obtained the status of Innopolis SEZ.

Gazprom Automation has also approved an application for a project to expand the capacities of fuel and energy industry enterprises in terms of business intelligence (BI) and services for document management and automation (CSP). The company can create 100 jobs.

In May 2023, six companies received the status of a resident of Innopolis SEZ. Then we reviewed and approved ten new projects of industrial and IT companies with a total investment of 3 billion rubles, within which 784 new jobs will be created.

Luiza Ignatyeva

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