Tatarstan makes it to top 5 in housing delivery

Tatarstan makes it to top 5 in housing delivery
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Tatarstan that lost its place in the top 5 leading regions in housing delivery in January 2023 managed to return there. During the first two months of the year, the republic is two positions up and finishes fourth as the only Volga region in the top 10. Read more in Realnoe Vremya.

Tatarstan increases housing delivery by 45%

According to federal statistics, housing delivery in Tatarstan in from January to February 2023 exceeded a million square metres. The construction pace accelerated across the republic — the area of delivered housing turned out to be 45% higher than during the same period last year.

Photo: Maxim Platonov (archive)

At the same time, the Volga Federal District has regions that outperformed Tatarstan in housing delivery growth. Housing delivery in Penza Oblast from January to February 2023 rose by 73.2%, to 127,100 square metres. However, in the area of delivered housing, the region ranks only 10th outrunning only Ulyanovsk Oblast (114,100 square metres), Saratov Oblast (107.200 square metres), Kirov Oblast (91,700 square metres) and Mordovia (79,000 square metres).

An increase in housing delivery was registered in almost half of the regions of the Volga Federal District from January to February 2023. Besides Tatarstan and Penza Oblast, it is Chuvashia (+48.4%, to 267,700 square metres), Ulyanovsk Oblast (+16.8%, to 114,100 square metres), Mordovia (+4.9%, to 79,000 square metres) and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

Photo: Maxim Platonov (archive)

Housing delivery dropped in remaining eight regions of the Volga District. The most notable decrease during the first two months of 2023 was in Samara Oblast — by 18.6%, to 254,100 square metres. With such an amount of housing, the region is 7th in the district.

Housing delivery in Bashkiria that is second in the Volga District fell by 12.4% compared to last January-February. 462,000 square metres of housing was built there, that’s to say, 2.2 times less than in Tatarstan.

Tatarstan and Leningrad Oblast swap seats

Three regions except for Tatarstan managed to cross the bar of a million square metres of housing from January to February 2023. Moscow Oblast is in the lead where the seven-digit number was reached during the first month. 1.8 million square metres of housing was built there in two months, of which 1,098 — in January.

Moscow — 1.5 million square metres of housing — is the runner-up. Krasnodar Krai with 1.4 million square metres is third in the top 3.

Photo: Maxim Platonov (archive)

In general the top 3 leaders haven’t changed compared to January. While the top 5 has — Leningrad Oblast has fallen out of it. Fourth in January, it swapped seats with Tatarstan and went down to sixth position. 836,600 square metres of housing was built there during the two months.

Saint Petersburg has retained its fifth line. In January-February, the housing built in the northern capital is assessed at 859,200 square metres of housing, which is 169,800 less than in Tatarstan.

Photo: Maxim Platonov (archive)

Novosibirsk Oblast (590,700sq m), Chelyabinsk Oblast (544,500sq m) and Rostov Oblast (503,700sq m) are also in the leadership in housing delivery. Sverdlovsk Oblast — 499,700sq m — is the last in the top 10.

A third of the annual target for housing delivery reached

Construction in Tatarstan goes on. According to the republic’s Ministry of Construction as of 18 March, 1,092 million square metres of housing have already been delivered, or a bit more than a third of the annual target (35%).

Commercial developers have already hit 42% of the annual target — 81 blocks of flats with a total area of 599,000sq m have been built in Tatarstan since the start of the year. The performance in self-builds is assessed at 30%. About 450,000 square metres of planned 1,51 million have been delivered.

Photo: Maxim Platonov (archive)

Housing development in a social mortgage programme goes on too. 15 blocks of flats with an area of 44,000sq m are ready nowadays. 28% of the annual plan has been performed, says the Tatarstan rais’s press service.

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