Tatarstan budget receives 3,9 billion rubles of public property management income

In the first nine months of the year, the budget received more than 3 billion 806 million rubles from the use and sale of property and land parcels owned by Tatarstan. Minister of Land and Property of the republic Fanil Agliullin said about this.

According to it, the budget task was done by 101,5%.

Also, local budgets received 3 billion 866 million rubles in the last 9 months. At the same time, there are positive dynamics of non-renewable incomes compared to the last year. The minister noted that the planned task this year surpasses last year’s by 171 million. Moreover, its execution is 92% in the last nine months.


It should be reminded that 924,5 billion rubles of taxes were collected in Tatarstan in the last three quarters. Mineral tax accounts for a half of the sum — 562,9 billion rubles. Income tax totals 161,9 billion, while personal income tax does 77,3 billion.

Maxim Kokunin