Tatarstan accounts for nearly a fifth of retail trade turnover in Volga District

Tatarstan accounts for nearly a fifth of retail trade turnover in Volga District
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Retail trade turnover shrinks in Tatarstan

In January-September 2022, the retail trade turnover in Tatarstan was 894,1 billion rubles. Compared to the same period last year, in absolute numbers it grew by almost 14%, but considering inflation the figure turned out to be 2,4% lower.

The third quarter was the most successful among the first three ones in Tatarstan. In July-September, the retail trade turnover was 313 billion rubles, of which more than 106 billion were in August. This is the biggest number in the first nine months.

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In the second quarter of 2022, the retail trade turnover in Tatarstan was almost 294,4 billion. The figure topped 100 billion only once during this period — in June. In May, the retail trade turnover was 98 billion, in April, it was nearly 95,1 billion.

In the first quarter, retail trade in the republic totalled 286,6 billion rubles. The indicator in January was 91,16 billion — the smallest sum during the first months of the year. In February, the retail trade turnover reached 92,3 billion, in March it did 103,1 billion.

The retail trade turnover per capita in Tatarstan in January-September amounted to 230,065 rubles, read the official statistics.

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Trade organisations and sole traders running a business in a fixed chain store accounted for 92,4% of the retail trade turnover in the republic. The market shares were 7,6%, or 67,9 billion.

Tatarstan leads in retail trade turnover in the Volga District

In the retail trade turnover, Tatarstan ranks first in the Volga Federal District. In January-September, the republic held 16,7% of the total sum of Volga regions, which is assessed at 5,3 trillion rubles.

The lowest retail trade turnover during the first nine months was registered in Mari El. It was 86,27 billion rubles.

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Realnoe Vremya provides a rating of Volga Federal District in January-September 2022:

  1. Tatarstan — 894,1bn rubles;
  2. Bashkiria — 795,6bn rubles;
  3. Nizhny Novgorod Oblast — 709,76bn rubles;
  4. Samara Oblast — 611,2bn rubles;
  5. Perm Krai — 488bn rubles;
  6. Saratov Oblast — 369,4bn rubles;
  7. Orenburg Oblast — 307,5bn rubles;
  8. Udmurtia — 226bn rubles;
  9. Penza Oblast — 213,18bn rubles;
  10. Kirov Oblast — 192,8bn rubles;
  11. Ulyanovsk Oblast — 184,7bn rubles;
  12. Chuvashia — 162,6bn rubles;
  13. Mordovia — 100,6bn rubles;
  14. Mari El — 86,26bn rubles.

The retail trade turnover in Tatarstan almost reaches the total number of Mari El, Mordovia, Chuvashia, Ulyanovsk and Saratov oblasts. These five regions accounted for 903,7 billion.

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