Entrance filters to stay at Tatarstan schools, but vaccination for teachers isn’t mandatory

While the masks are recommended to wear in Tatarstan

Amid a growing coronavirus incidence, before the start of the academic year the Tatarstan office of Russia’s consumer rights protection watchdog is reinforcing mass inspections in educational institutions. Extreme restrictive measures haven’t yet been taken: teachers will be permitted to work without revaccination, but anybody entering the school must have their temperature measures, chief sanitary doctor of Tatarstan Marina Patyashina told Realnoe Vremya. Since late July, the coronavirus incidence has doubled, due to this the authorities have recommended wearing masks in public places since 20 August.

Wear a mask if you wish

It has been recommended wearing masks in Tatarstan again since 20 August, but not mandatorily, it is a recommendation. Tatarstan Prime Minister Leyla Fazleyeva and head of the Tatarstan office of Russia’s consumer rights protection watchdog Marina Patyashina claimed this.

“The incidence of the novel coronavirus infection has been growing in the last three weeks. Compared to July, the number of infections has doubled — up to 78 cases a day, whereas in July 42 cases were registered. Nowadays there are 155,409 cases of infection, or 3,900 per 100,000 of the population,” noted Patyashina.

According to her, this virus is highly contagious and quickly spreads.

“It is necessary to understand that the number of infections will keep growing. Moreover, the autumn season of acute viral respiratory infections is coming. This is why we recommend many people to wear a mask,” claimed Patyashina.

Nowadays only workers of medical and social institutions must wear protective masks, now they are recommended to be used at work, in public transport, in crowded places. The virus poses a special threat to the elderly, therefore they are also recommended to wear a mask, stressed the chief sanitary doctor of Tatarstan stressed and noted that on 19 August the Cabinet of Ministers made dedicated changes to a decree on coronavirus restrictions.

Key peculiarity of infection — no high temperature

The main peculiarity of the current epidemiological situation is that 86% of people have a mild asymptomatic disease. No more than 12% of the total number of infections have been hospitalised.

“Medical institutions are coping with the increased workload, and nowadays there is no need to take additional measures,” noted Marina Patyashina.

Revaccination is the main preventive measure. According to doctors, it is better to receive a vaccine after holiday to boost the immune system. And those arriving from abroad don’t have to do a PCR test if there is a certificate.

To school — after filter

This year, it is permitted to hold festive assemblies on 1 September with parents. However, guests have to go through a filter and have their temperature measured, said the chief sanitary doctor.

Before the new academic year, inspections of proper studying conditions are carried out in schools. There are 1,697 schools in Tatarstan where about half a million children study, including over 5,000 first year students. 354 warnings have been issued at the moment regarding the additional equipment of health posts and gyms, hot meals. They all have been eliminated today, Patyashina said.

Teachers will be permitted to work without revaccination, but anybody entering the school must have their temperature measured.

“Temperature measuring will stay in the new academic year, after the summer campaign, we certainly see the efficacy of filters,” claimed Leyla Fazleyeva. “We think the filters placed at schools are a must.”

Patyashina added: “If a person doesn’t have a high temperature but have a cough, red eyes, the school has the right not to permit the workers enter the school.”

Luiza Ignatyeva
Analytics Tatarstan