2nd Itil Volga People’s Festival in Kazan

Itil Volga People’s Festival will be held in Kazan again this year. 6 million rubles will be spent on its organisation.

The festival will change the site. If last year it was near Kazan Family Centre, this year it will be at Gorky Culture and Leisure Park.

The festival will last for a day and no later than 25 September. Music performances, demonstration of art objects are scheduled, while painters and artists will familiarise citizens and guests of the Tatarstan capital with the history of their people and ancestor’s culture. A fair will work at the festival.

Three Kazan music bands singing in Tatar and eight groups and musicians from other Volga regions will be invited to perform at the festival. The spectators will be shown a performance dedicated to ethnicities or rites and other plays.

A separate entertainment area will be organised for children. Three craftswomen will give them eight master classes.

The Kazan Directorate for Parks and Squares is looking for an organiser. The festival will be funded from the city budget, reads documentation of the website of state procurement.

The first Itil Volga People’s Festival was held in Kazan last September. Singer Manizha gave a performance.

Tatiana Dyomina