Tatarstan only region in Volga Federal District where a migration growth registered

By the results of January-April 2022, migration increase in Tatarstan amounted to 1,908 people, according to Rosstat data. The republic turned out to be the only region in the Volga Federal District where it has been recorded.

28,203 migrants arrived in Tatarstan in the first four months. 26,295 people left the republic during this time.

In other regions of the Volga Federal District, the number of migrants who left in January-April exceeded the number of arrivals. For example, 36,404 people came to Bashkiria, neighbouring Tatarstan, during this time, and 38,500 left it.

In general, 203,210 migrants arrived in the Volga Federal District in the first four months of the year. 220,435 such persons left it during this time.

1,175,188 migrants arrived in Russia in January-April. The number of people who left the country during this time is estimated at 1,239,393. According to Rosstat, for the same period last year, a migration increase of 81,935 people was registered in Russia — 1,263,936 people arrived, and only 1,182,001 left.

Let us remind that at the beginning of the year the Kazan Kremlin stated about the need to increase migrants on construction sites in Tatarstan, “in order to load the construction market with these workers”. “This is the resource we rely on," added Lilia Galimova, the head of the press service of the president of Tatarstan.

In January, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov drew attention to that the departure of migrants from construction sites amid the coronavirus pandemic affected pricing in the housing market, as local workers had to pay more.

Tatyana Demina