Kazan restaurants without a summer veranda in less demand and lose up to 30% of revenue

Restaurants that do not have a summer veranda in the warm season may lose from 20 to 30% of revenue. Galina Sharafutdinova, the executive director of the Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Kazan, told Realnoe Vremya about this.

“Catering establishments without a summer veranda are experiencing a decline in revenue by 20-30%. Especially if they are not on tourist traffic and do not have a summer veranda," she said.

Sharafutdinova clarified that in good weather, customers prefer places on the street and less often visit those establishments that seat guests exclusively indoors. The absence of summer verandas can have a particularly strong effect on the operation of catering outlets, which are less reached by tourist traffic.

At the same time, she added that summer verandas do not bring a large increase in traffic. Customers usually just start taking up places on the street and go from the premises to the open air.

“We do not have such a [serious] increase [in the number of customers], because people from the hall are moving to the veranda," Sharafutdinova shared.

She also added that the installation of summer verandas entails additional costs. They relate primarily to increasing the number of personnel to service additional places.

“As for maintenance costs, then, of course, these are additional costs in the form of, firstly, additional cleaning and, secondly, additional personnel. In any case, regardless of that people move to the veranda, we keep the staff in the hall, and additional employees are attracted to the veranda," Sharafutdinova said.

But, according to her, summer verandas still carry a huge plus in the form of an increase in revenue to an average of 15-20%. In some establishments, it may even grow by all 50%. Especially those cafes and restaurants that are located in tourist places and are in great demand in the summer are winning here.

Artem Gafarov