Congratulations on jubilee: Kazanorgsintez Director General Farid Minigulov turns 55

Congratulations on jubilee: Kazanorgsintez Director General Farid Minigulov turns 55

By the 55th jubilee, Realnoe Vremya has collected congratulations and stories of Mr Minigulov’s colleagues in political and petrochemical activity and learnt what the head of Kazanorgsintez is like out of the office and his hobbies.

Onset of labour path

The whole life of the director of one of the largest Russian ethylene polymer and co-polymer manufacturers is linked with petrochemical production. Mr Minigulov was born in Nizhnekamsk and entered Kazan Chemical and Technological Institute after graduating from a school in his native town. Then he took a postgraduate course and defended a PhD dissertation.

In 1995, the graduate gets to a big factory — Nizhnekamskneftekhim. As a shift and a plant division foreman Mr Minigulov grew into the chief engineer of the polystyrene and gas condensate processing plant. The talented worker is noted and offered a new appointment. In 2004, he becomes the director of Kazanorgsintez’s polycarbonate plant. Eight years later, he chairs the whole enterprise. Since then, KOS has remained the leading enterprise of Russia’s chemical production, continues production modernisation, exports products to tens of countries and doesn’t stop developing.

His colleagues have a lot of stories about the Kazanorgsintez director general and Tatarstan State Council deputy. Board Chairman of the Tatarstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shamil Ageyev remembers their first acquaintance well.

“We got acquainted with Mr Minigulov in a plane, and this on-board meeting turned out to be more productive than all official meetings. I understood that an analytic mind and strong organisational skills were behind his external simplicity, a cunning squint. With such a manager, KOS will prosper for the good of Tatarstan.

Kazanorgsintez is special because it was a top construction project for Kazan. All its directors were original and powerful people: first Director Vladimir Lushnikov who was then substituted by Nail Yusupov, Leonid Alyokhin and Farid Minigulov now. He has a strong personality, moreover, it is harder for him to work because requirements now are much higher. Earlier, the enterprise was independent, now it is a part of TAIF GC, “ Shamil Ageyev shares with Realnoe Vremya.

In his opinion, Mr Minigulov is a very disciplined person with a good sense of humour, he knows how to recount stories to people and always keeps his spirits up.

“He’s a tough guy. When he bought watermelons, he took them and walked with an assured step”

Chairman of the Tatarstan regional office of Business Russia, Tatarstan State Council deputy Artur Abdulzyanov has his own story of acquaintance with the KOS director general. The State Council colleagues got acquainted in... a queue for watermelons.

“I told him not to stay here. He was against, we squabbled a bit. Then we met at a session in the State Council and made peace. He’s a tough guy. When he bought watermelons, he took them and walked with an assured step.”

“He is, without doubt, a talented personality. The ability to make his ideas a reality, long-term experience of career development is good evidence of it. Mr Minigulov has shown himself as a person whose creed is to aspire and move forward,” Artur Abdulzyanov describes the head of the chemical enterprise.

Director General of Novy Vek TV and Radio Company JSC, Tatarstan State Council deputy Ilshat Aminov thinks that Mr Minigulov is not only a strong manager but also a very creative person.

“I remember once Mr Minigulov took a guitar and started to sing an amazing song of Sunday band. Then I understood he is a creative soul that not only does his duties but also does everything with inspiration, it is felt. He works, spends time on art. It is great when a person is an all-rounder.

At the same time, Mr Minigulov is a God-given chemist who feels technological processes perfectly. He understands absolutely all petrochemical processes that take place in the big enterprise and keeps almost all this in his mind. And he always makes very well-thought-out, reasonable decisions,” says the director general of Novy Vek TV and Radio Company JSC.

Meanwhile, head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russian Information and Culture Centre in Baku Irek Zinnurov, Farid Minigulov is always ready to help his employees with good advice.

“When I played for Sintez-Kazan water polo club, Leonid Alyokhin visited one of our matches, he was the director general then, and Mr Minigulov came with him. I remember that it was already said at that meeting that he was going to be appointed as the director general. Of course, without managerial skills, a person couldn’t be simply considered for such a post. Now Mr Minigulov is an exacting but fair manager. He doesn’t impede his subordinates from doing their job, he can only help and give them good advice,” Irek Zinnurov says.

  • Ruslan Shigabutdinov

    Ruslan Shigabutdinov Director General of TAIF JSC

    Accept our warmest and sincerest congratulations on the 55th jubilee!

    We know you as a top professional who is well versed in the specifics of the chemical industry, an authoritative manager who knows how to set ambitious goals and tasks, lead the staff.

    One can only envy your professional intuition, the ability to generate new ideas and the skill of thinking ahead. Over the long years of work in the chemical industry, you have successfully implemented long-term programmes and projects that have a priority meaning for the economy of Tatarstan and Russia.

    We can say with confidence that the biggest enterprise Kazanorgsintez has set a firm course for dynamic development and prosperity mainly thanks to your efforts, constant commitment to success, the ability to unite great specialists around you to perform strategically important tasks, the ability to work in a team and dedicating yourself completely to the favourite job.

    The aspiration to implement the most audacious and ambitious projects, perseverance in achieving goals that are set, professional institution and a strong sense of responsibility — all these qualities that are inherent in you are a guarantee of success in any undertaking.

    We sincerely thank you, Mr Minigulov, for the long-term joint labour, the skill of accurately and consistently working in a team of single-minded people for the sake of growth and development of TAIF Group of Companies and sincerely wish you everything that makes our life richer and truly full: happiness, good health and active longevity, understanding and friends and like-minded people’s support, well-being and undoubted luck in all your kind deeds and undertakings. Might the future prepare you for many happy years full of joy, luck and pleasant events. Peace, kindness and prosperity for you and your relatives.

  • Albert Karimov

    Albert Karimov Tatarstan Vice Prime Minister, Tatarstan Minister of Industry and Trade

    On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan and myself, I cordially congratulate you on your jubilee.

    It is an amazing opportunity to express our huge acknowledgement for everything you have done for the prosperity of the Republic of Tatarstan.

    Your track record can be an example of loyalty to one’s favourite job. High professionalism, strong leadership skills, perseverance and a systemic approach to performing tasks that are set are those components thanks to which you can really do any task.

    During your management, Kazanorgsintez PJSC has continued its dynamic development and cemented positions in the Russian large-tonnage polymer market. Nowadays your authority and professional knowledge facilitate the further prosperity of the republic’s petrochemistry. Your dedicated labour has been deservedly noted by state awards and titles.

    On your jubilee day, I sincerely wish you, dear Mr Minigulov, good health, shaped plans, professional successes, happiness and well-being. Might luck accompany you in all the undertakings, might all accomplishments be a successful start for future achievements.

  • Midkhat Shagiakhmetov

    Midkhat Shagiakhmetov Tatarstan Minister of Economy

    I sincerely congratulate you on the 55th jubilee!

    You have dedicated your life to Tatarstan’s chemical sector and received respect and acknowledgement in the republic and the country. You are an honourable chemist, experienced industrialist, a talented manager who have covered a long and confident professional path.

    On your birthday, I hope you keep moving forward confidently. Might luck stay with you in all the undertakings, while might all personal and professional accomplishments become a springboard for future achievements. Good health, high morale and inexhaustible energy, professional successes, happiness and well-being for you and your relatives.

  • Ayrat Safin

    Ayrat Safin Director General of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC

    Accept our cordial congratulations on the milestone in your life — the 55th birthday — and sincere wishes of good health, family well-being and inexhaustible energy.

    You are one of those people who have achieved everything thanks to their own perseverant labour, organisational talent, high professionalism and amazing humane qualities. Purposefulness, strategic thinking, the ability to timely and effectively perform the toughest tasks allow you to achieve success in production tasks and fulfil plans that are set. You are an example of a successful and leading manager.

    I am sure that your unstoppable aspiration to achieve goals that are set and the rare ability to lead people will keep helping Kazanorgsintez PJSC and TAIF GC blossom. Might the aspiration for constant self-improvement help you go on serving Tatarstan’s interests.

    I wish you good and fruitful work, realisation of new ideas, successful progress, good health and happiness.

  • Ilshat Aminov

    Ilshat Aminov Director General of Novy Vek TV and Radio Company JSC, Tatarstan State Council deputy

    I wish you creativity always and everywhere, never stop, don’t lose the craving for art. Also, I wish you health to perpetuate yourself and your name in many plants that will work for the good of Tatarstan and its every citizen.

  • Maxim Novikov

    Maxim Novikov Director General of TAIF-NK JSC

    All your long track recock is linked with the petrochemical industry, this is why after climbing the ladder of career development, today you are logically a successful manager of not only the Republic of Tatarstan but also the Russian Federation. Your multifaceted activity based on your rich personal experience, high professionalism and honesty, a careful attitude to people have always led to the successful performance of all the tasks that you are set. Your fruitful work makes a weighty contribution to the development and prosperity of Kazanorgsintez PJSC. You have managed to unite a huge staff and achieved the common goal obtaining perceptible results.

    We hope you keep always finding understanding and support not only among the enterprise’s staff but also business partners. Might your direct contribution to the development of the petrochemical sector be always productive and lead only to prosperity.

    Dear Mr Minigulov, we wish you well-being, harmony and understanding in the staff, a good mood and always the correct approach to the work and people. Might close people and your family who will inspire you to new accomplishments at work surround you and support you in everything, might the work stimulate you for well-being and comfort at your home.

  • Albert Sulteyev

    Albert Sulteyev Director General of TAIF-NK Petrol Station

    On behalf of the staff of TAIF-NK Petrol Station, accept our sincere congratulations and good wishes on a big day in your life, the 55th birthday.

    We sincerely hope you will remember this day only with positive emotions, moreover, you were born in the amazing season of the year when everything around is full of bright spring colours, when one especially wants to create, make big plans and bring the future closer.

    After dedicating a lot of years to the work in the petrochemical sector, you chaired one of the largest plants in the country, Kazanorgsintez PJSC. Under your leadership, today the enterprise follows an innovative strategy that set the tasks of the gradual upgrade of technologies to enhance the quality of products, reduce operational costs and save the environment as priorities. All this speaks about the enterprise’s sustainable development, confirms the inexhaustible potential of the company in general.

    On this memorable day, I sincerely hope you will conserve those principles and convictions you cling to at work. Might optimism, love for life never leave you, might the care of your family and close people, the attention of friends and the loyalty of single-minded people support you always and everywhere. Good health, well-being and high morale for many years to come.

  • Eduard Galeyev

    Eduard Galeyev Director General of TGC-16 JSC

    I personally and all the staff of TGC-16 JSC congratulate you on the jubilee! We are thankful to you for the long-term business cooperation and we are happy to be a part of such a large project as the construction of a 250 MW gas turbine at Kazanorgsintez. The construction of the gas turbine is, without doubt, a contribution to the development of the enterprise and all the energy sector.

    All your life is linked with petrochemistry. After working on responsible posts at Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC for many years, you chaired Kazanorgsintez PJSC. Under your management, the enterprise remains one of the largest companies of the country to make a considerable contribution to the development of the whole Russian economy thanks to its large-scale projects and technological developments.

    Today Kazanorgsintez is one of the most successful chemical enterprises of the Russian Federation. This is, of course, a result of your rich professional experience in combination with the talent as manager. Your fate is a good example of how professionalism, loyalty to your business and team allow performing key tasks the republic is set.

    You have earned the reputation of a successful executive, an energetic and responsible person. You are characterised by a broad horizon, the skill of clearly seeing prospects and always finding opportunities to achieve goals. Together with amazing humane qualities, these qualities help you stay at the summit when performing the most complicated tasks.

    We are convinced that you have new serious achievements ahead. We wish you successes, new large projects and a united team of single-minded people. Happiness, health and well-being for you and your relatives.

  • Irek Zinnurov

    Irek Zinnurov Head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russian Information and Culture Centre in Baku

    I hope you will have enough health to achieve the goals you set, to make all the wishes a reality and develop not only Kazanorgsintez PJSC and all TAIF GC. These congratulations come from me personally and the whole team of the aquatics club.

  • Shamil Ageyev

    Shamil Ageyev Chairman of the Tatarstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    I wish you good health, optimism, inexhaustible energy, audacious ideas and undertakings, great victories and accomplishments for the good of the republic and Russia.

  • Artur Abdulzyanov

    Artur Abdulzyanov Chairman of the Tatarstan regional office of Business Russia, Tatarstan State Council deputy

    Accept my cordial congratulations on the jubilee and wishes of good health, family happiness, well-being, successes in your plans.

By Alsu Gusmanova