Rustam Minnikhanov: “We treat everyone well, we don't touch even Trump”

The president of Tatarstan showed his knowledge of chemistry and physics at a regular meeting of the board of directors of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding JSC

Rustam Minnikhanov: “We treat everyone well, we don't touch even Trump”

At a regular meeting of the board of directors of Tatneftehiminvest-holding JSC, President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov was offered to install a unit that increases C1/C2+ ratios, new corrosion protection products for gas and oil pipelines, to adopt innovative coatings for car parts of KAMAZ-Master team, and not only, and use work shoes from the local manufacturer more widely. About new developments and how they were evaluated by the president — read in the report of Realnoe Vremya.

“First you increase the C1/C2+ ratio?"

Vasily Borisov, the director general of Skolkovo resident company ENGO Engineering PLC, suggested making a breakthrough in the field of high-tech gas processing:

“Our company has been engaged in gas separation for many years. The petrochemical complex is developing in the Republic of Tatarstan, you are planning to build a large petrochemical complex, the most important raw material for the petrochemical complex is ethane… In the [produced] gas, it is from 2 to 3 per cent of ethane, to extract it [from raw materials], we need 7-8%, the more — the better. The unit that works on the principles we have developed can enrich this gas. Two-thirds of the gas [at the output] will be clean, dry and with minimal ethane content, and one-third of the stream will be enriched. If you direct it to the plant, the plant will process three times less gas.

The unit, presented by ENGO Engineering, is designed to enrich 7 billion cubic metres of gas a year. The separation block where this gas will be supplied, along with the necessary equipment, will cost, according to Borisov, 750 million rubles. And the volume of enriched gas with 35% ethane content will already be only 2,45 billion cubic metres — this is the amount of raw materials, not 7 billion cubic metres, as a result, will have to be processed.

“First you increase the C1/C2+ ratio, and then you extract [ethane]?" Rustam Minnikhanov became interested and asked whether it is still possible to increase the efficiency of the separation unit.

“We won't undertake to extract pure ethane because you won't buy it, it's risky enough," Vasily Borisov said. “But since there will be more raw materials, this will provide 40 per cent savings.”

The president invited experts to discuss the prospects for using the new technology in more detail

The president raised the experts from their seats and invited them to discuss in more detail the prospects for using the new technology, noting that the proposal is of interest, but the cost of the entire gas processing unit (and not just the separation unit) is rather large — more than two billion rubles.

New corrosion protection for oil pipelines

Anton Burbulis, the director of Si-Resurs PLC in Moscow, presented an innovative method of anti-corrosion protection of oil and gas pipelines. Its essence boils down to that protectors are installed inside pipelines through flanged connections that create static stress sufficient to protect against corrosion.

Burbulis noted that unlike short-lived corrosion inhibitors used for chemical protection of pipelines, protectors last much longer — from three to five years, depending on the operating conditions:

“Protectors are dissolved during operation, while pipeline does not corrode.

“Does it cost like a gasket?" Rustam Minnikhanov asked and reminded the basics of physics. “What resistance does it exert on the movement of liquid?

“The protector is made in such a way that the holes in it act as a nozzle, and the pressure does not increase — in fact, there is a pressure drop," the speaker assured.

“But it probably increases the energy consumption in some way, doesn't it?"

“No costs.”

“But there is the law of conservation of energy, so it creates additional friction!”

“Well, it's not that significant.”

“Really? Well, all right," Rustam Minnikhanov agreed not quite confidently with the idea that this “perpetual motion machine” really works.

“Our protectors should be installed much less, and they serve much longer," Anton Burbulis continued to prove the feasibility of using the proposed technology in Tatarstan.

“Can they work at water supply networks?" the president suddenly changed the focus of the discussion.

Burbulis noted that unlike short-lived corrosion inhibitors used for chemical protection of pipelines, protectors last much longer

“Yes, but it will require additional research and development. The most important effect is the elimination of corrosion inhibitors, which means that costs can be reduced by at least 50 per cent. On average, more than 50 billion rubles a year are spent on corrosion protection in Russia…

As a result, the president of Tatarstan instructed to study the possibilities of wider application of innovative anti-corrosion protectors in steam and pipelines:

“If what is told here is at least half true, it is already interesting! I immediately think where it can also be used. After all, sewage, water, heat — no one didn't even think about such protection from corrosion there.

“I can take you for a ride, too”

“I did not expect that you have such serious issues discussed," whether in jest, or seriously, Vladimir Trofimenko, the director general of Mankevich Innovative Technologies PLC, began a report on protective and decorative coatings used in automobile, aircraft and many other industries.

“We treat everyone well, we don't even touch Trump," Rustam Minnikhanov joked in response.

The little-known company that Trofimenko presented to the president actually turned out to be a world leader in the production of interior and protective coatings. The speaker said that with their protection, aircraft tanks serve "35 years in an aggressive environment” and that about 80 per cent of protective coatings in medicine are also products of this company.

“Which is especially relevant in today's conditions," Trofimenko hinted at the COVID-19 pandemic and shared that the company provided the KAMAZ-Master team with anti-corrosion coatings:

“We have a mutual love… They saw what we do and we got an offer to develop something for them

“Did they give you a ride?" Rustam Minnikhanov was interested in the relations between Trofimenko and the racers.

Summing up the meeting, the president asked to include all instructions in the minutes

“Yes, there is even a video on YouTube with my scared face.”

“Well, this is the first time," the president of Tatarstan consoled, and later offered: “I can give you a ride too, I have such possibility!”

And then he offered Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC to study this area:

“This is very interesting.”

“We are ready to provide the brand as well”

Introducing the director of Bars shoe company LLC from Chistopol, which operates in the special economic zone of Chistopol, Rustam Minnikhanov joked:

“Bars is not Ak Bars, but we are ready to provide the brand… It's just Bars for now.”

“In 2019, we produced 300,000 pairs of work shoes, in 2020 we hope to increase the output to 500,000 pairs," reported the head of the company, Maksim Salaev. “We supply for all industries, except medicine, probably.”

“I would have brought one pair each, and everyone would have become immediately interested. I saw that you have great shoes," Rustam Minnikhanov continued joking and even suggested that the ladies present at the board of directors should dress up in special shoes for advertising purposes. However, he continued the conversation in all seriousness. “I really ask that when you order special shoes, let's buy those made in Tatarstan. I've seen it myself, it's a very good enterprise. Why do we wear foreign things? Comfortable, good shoes, rural enterprises should be offered them.”

“We use only natural leather, we do not use metal accessories," Salaev listed the advantages of his products. “We developed a new sole made of nitrile rubber. The shoes are very light.”

“Can I wear it for hunting or fishing?" the president asked.

“Yes, of course!”

“Well done, thank you. I really ask you to enter all the instructions in the protocol, and let's help our colleague from Chistopol, let him them develop!” the president concluded the meeting.

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