For experience — to Polymatiz: Nizhnekamskneftekhim's subsidiary put as an example to mask manufacturers

A month ago, the equipment for manufacturing medical masks was delivered to Polymatiz JSC from the Chinese city of Tianjin. A day later, the automated line was installed, and the production of the products that are scarce for the whole country began. By the way, a number of other large Tatarstan enterprises purchased the same equipment, but only the subsidiary of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC demonstrated maximum and uninterrupted performance. On 14 May, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Aleksey Savelchev, together with representatives of other companies that produce medical masks, visited the workshops of Polymatiz and learned the secrets of successful work.

Polymatiz joins the fight against COVID-19

Polymatiz JSC was founded in 2006. Today it is one of the four major manufacturers of nonwoven material in Russia. The range covers many areas: construction, agriculture, cosmetology. Since the first days of the announcement of the pandemic, the company has been solving one of the main republican tasks — the production of medical supplies for the manufacture of disposable surgical coats and protective suits.

“First of all, we are shipping products to Tatarstan companies and the single operator in Tatarstan — Tattekhmedfarm. Then to Roskhimzashchita — the single operator in Russia, which forms the great bulk. We distribute the remaining amount to other orders that are smaller in volume," Radik Yarullin, the director of Polymatiz JSC, said.

A month ago, on April 10, an automated line for sewing medical masks was delivered to the enterprise from China, which was purchased by Nizhnekamskneftekhim. The equipment was put into operation in record time. On April 11, it was installed, on April 12 — the line began to produce, and on April 13 — the first batch of medical masks was received directly from the petrochemical line. On the third day of work, 4,000 masks were produced.

Petrochemists coped with the tasks set and were the only ones in the Republic of Tatarstan to reach the design capacity of the installed line in the shortest possible time.

The machine is operating 24 hours a day

According to Director of Polymatiz Radik Yarullin, the automated line works around the clock, without stopping for a minute.

“The mood of the guys is positive, their eyes light up. The machine is operating around the clock, in two shifts, 12 hours each, four people are involved. We do not stop operating because we understand that masks are in demand, currently the line is producing up to 65,000 masks a day, and they will increase by another 5,000 pieces in the near future," says Radik Yarullin.

Since the launch of the automated line, Polymatiz has produced more than 1 million 400 thousand personal protective equipment. The ministry of industry and trade of the Republic of Tatarstan has become interested in the excellent work of the enterprise, advising other large companies to take an example from Polymatiz.

“In April, Tatarstan purchased lines from various manufacturers, most of them from the People's Republic of China. Together with our colleagues, we have analyzed the results of this month's work. The most important results from a technical point of view have been reached at Polymatiz. Today we have looked at how the work is organised at the enterprise. Technical specialists from all enterprises that launched the same lines a month ago have come with me," said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Aleksey Savelchev.

The representatives of six regional companies for the production of medical masks got acquainted with the experience of Polymatiz. According to Aleksey Savelchev, the subsidiary of Nizhnekamskneftekhim has achieved high performance thanks to the professional training of engineering specialists.

“I am grateful to TAIF Group, Nizhnekamskneftehim for the prompt enormous technical work. The lines arrived here on April 10, and on April 12 the first production was produced here. This indicates a high level of engineering specialists of Polymatiz, who organized the production in the shortest possible time. And another very important indicator is that the line is being upgraded here. The production managed to reach the design capacity in the shortest possible time. Colleagues and technical specialists who operate such lines have come to learn this experience," said the deputy minister of industry and trade of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Petrochemists handed over masks for free

The masks produced by Polymatiz primarily provide TAIF Group employees, as well as medical and law enforcement personnel, and volunteers — those who continue to work during the period of self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doctors of Nizhnekamsk Central District Multi-specialty Hospital have already received more than 20,000 personal protective equipment, public transport workers have received more than 5,000, and several thousand medical masks have been distributed to volunteers and elderly people. The government of the republic has also recognised the charitable assistance in the period of special regime.

“I would not talk about the merits of Nizhnekamskneftekhim and TAIF Group mentioning only the work of this line. Petrochemicals are giving away part of medical masks for free! Besides, Nizhnekamskneftekhim has invested in the production of a disinfectant that is going to receive a certificate of registration. It can be used for medical purposes. All of these efforts help us combat the spread of coronavirus infection, said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Aleksey Savelchev.

Other companies for the production of medical masks should also work on the model of Polymatiz, Savelchev believes. According to him, it is necessary to saturate the market with personal protective equipment in the near future, so the experience and knowledge of the company's employees will come in handy as never before.

By Lilia Yegorova