What suppliers Kazanorgsintez looking for at ONLINECONTRACT ETP

What suppliers Kazanorgsintez looking for at ONLINECONTRACT ETP
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Entrepreneurs are often in search of contracts with industrial giants as working with large customers guarantees a stable demand for goods and services and an increase in business reputation. This partnership gives the opportunity to develop and modernize production and to make plans to expand the sales market. At the same time, to find access to the annual plan for purchasing goods from large enterprises, suppliers need only register on ONLINECONTRACT electronic trading platform. About how to sign a contract with the petrochemical giant Kazanorgsintez PJSC on the ETP website — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

What customers and suppliers gain from registering on ONLINECONTRACT ETP

On the electronic trading platform, the industrial enterprise issues both multi-million-dollar tenders and purchases standard products, making decisions on which does not require preliminary technical meetings and drawing up requirements specification. At the same time, the supplier will not have to apply cold calls, advertising, and meetings. It is enough to place the offer on the electronic platform.

Besides, ETP is a convenient tool for improving the company's internal business processes. The platform gives the opportunity to build a planning system inside the company, without which one can not win a tender. During the planning process, the customer may decide to increase the volume and request to analyze the costs of the planning and economic department. The internal processes of ONLINECONTRACT ETP's regular suppliers are already fully regulated.

The platform gives the opportunity to build a planning system inside the company, without which one can not win a tender. Photo courtesy of ONLINECONTRACT ETP

ONLINECONTRACT ETP has also built a close cooperation with customers. By registering on the site, they can control the effectiveness of business processes. The sales and order statistics are tracked, and suppliers receive advice on how to place their services and products from ONLINECONTRACT assistants.

The advantages of ETP for the customer are indisputable: due to competition, they get the best offers and increase the list of potential suppliers. The company will always be aware of the emergence of new players in the market. It is important that its divisions will not be involved in corruption schemes since all purchases are made in a completely transparent and open manner.

The average cost of purchases made by Kazanorgsintez at the ETP last year was 2,9 million rubles. Photo: Maksim Platonov

At the initial stage, when the customer only comes to the ETP, the economy is utmost and is 20-30% on average. Kazanorgsintez PJSC, engaged in procurement activities on ONLINECONTRACT ETP since 2009, saved 3,28% in 2019 through collaboration with the platform.

What suppliers Kazanorgsintez looking for on ETP

The average cost of purchases made by Kazanorgsintez on the ETP last year was 2,9 million rubles. More than 90% of products are purchased by the company through ONLINECONTRACT ETP. According to the representative of Kazanorgsintez, the company purchases basic and auxiliary equipment and spare parts through the electronic platform. Purchases do not apply only to goods delivered directly from imported manufacturing plants that do not have the technical ability to participate in trading on ETP.

On the online platform, the company regularly updates annual procurement plan. Photo: cizincijmk.cz

When choosing a supplier, Kazanorgsintez, like any customer, pays attention to the price and quality of the product, delivery time, warranty obligations, and reliability of the company. Depending on the product, the company may request safety certificates, dealer agreements, or reference lists.

“Competition in commercial activity itself dictates the rules for winning tenders. Attention is paid to equipment and materials that meet technical requirements, with minimal cost and high quality, and optimal delivery times. More than 1000 potential suppliers receive automatic notifications for each published lot," the representative of Kazanorgsintez said.

Suppliers participate on an equal footing in biddings on ONLINECONTRACT ETP. On the platform's website, the company regularly updates the annual procurement plan (hereinafter — APP), which helps suppliers understand when, in what volumes and under what conditions products will be purchased.

APP is an annual plan for purchasing goods, works, or services. The document contains information about the volume and timing of the company's purchases of goods and services in the coming year. It is formed depending on the company's financial plan.

APP scans the customer database daily

Small or medium-sized businesses that are looking for large orders will have access to information on each purchase of Kazanorgsintez over the past 11 years on ONLINECONTRACT ETP. The study of past purchases, product and supplier requirements, and the selection criteria for the winner will give them a head start over other companies. Besides, cooperation with the petrochemical giant and stable company such as Kazanorgsintez will have a positive impact on the image of the entrepreneur.

The license provides unlimited access to conduct and participate in trade and procurement procedures. Photo: firstpage.ph

Participation in the ETP tender is a simple and clear procedure for obtaining a contract. Suppliers do not need to look for solutions to the right people who make decisions. The most important thing: all players are in equal competitive public conditions. They receive information simultaneously and can prepare for trading in advance. The platform complies with all competition principles.

ONLINECONTRACT ETP specialists said that serious attention is paid to assessing the reliability of potential suppliers. They monitor the customer database on a daily basis and block access to participation in trade and procurement procedures for companies that are in the stage of liquidation or bankruptcy.

How to register on ONLINECONTRACT ETP

To become a client of ONLINECONTRACT ETP, it is enough to obtain a license of a supplier or customer. This depends on whether the company plans to make purchases or sell products. The license provides unlimited access to conduct and participate in trade and procurement procedures. Entrepreneurs can choose several license options: for 12, 18, and 24 months. It should be noted that the cost of services on ONLINECONTRACT ETP is lower than that of similar sites.

Along with access to the trading, the supplier is trained to work with the ETP. They are also provided with an individual manager. The manager helps to register, fill out a form and set up a classifier, and prepare documents for participation in tenders.

By registering on the electronic trading platform, the supplier can increase the sales channel and explore the market. Only on website, the needs of thousands of companies are revealed to them, and they can study the demand for products and the market volume.

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