TAIF Group's security services sum up the results of work in 2019

The primary task is to increase efficiency in all areas of ensuring the security of TAIF Group's enterprises

The results of the work in 2019 were summed up by the security services of TAIF Group. The meeting of security directors was held in the headquarters of the Group's parent company. The participants discussed the main issues in the field of ensuring comprehensive protection of the entrusted objects, identified the pitfalls and outlined the points of strengthening the work, focused on economic security issues. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Onlinecontract — reliable tool for improving the efficiency of economic activity

The long-standing partnership with MX-1 PLC — the developers of Onlinecontract electronic trading platform (ETP) — has proved its necessity. As they noted at the meeting, the effectiveness of procurement activities has increased significantly. In comparison with 2018, the number of procedures published on the ETP from all companies in TAIF Group has increased significantly. The transparency of tenders and healthy competition between suppliers give the opportunity to get the best offers in terms of price and quality, saving significant funds on avoiding overpayments and ensuring the maximum transparency of transactions and the high quality of purchased equipment.

The only significant flaw on the part of TAIF Group's enterprises themselves is the discipline of those responsible for preparing and conducting tenders, which leads to negative scenarios for the completion of tenders:

“In total, we consider 4 types of negative scenarios for the completion of tenders. The first is the rejection of choice when the bidder rejected all offers. The second — the selection was not made when the customer did not take care to complete the procedure properly, and it is unclear whether the winner was selected, and the auction automatically closed itself after a period of time. Third — there are no participants, when suppliers did not provide their offers. Finally, the fourth one is the cancellation of the purchase by the customer," explained Alexander Gurov, the director of MX-1 PLC.

Against the background of the total number of procurement procedures, there are not many such negative closures, but this does not have the best effect on the business image of the Group as a whole. The situation is known. They are working on correcting it. Since the last meeting of the security services, where this issue was also raised, it has been possible to achieve a certain effect and significantly reduce the number of incomplete procedures. In particular, due to that the security services received an effective tool for evaluating the activities of specific employees of TAIF Group's enterprises responsible for organizing auctions: the subprogramme that helps analyze the effectiveness of preparing the purchase order and technical specifications, and the support of tender throughout its entire duration, up to closing.

As for the lack of bids for some positions, the developers of Onlinecontract offered a reliable tool for attracting sellers: publish an annual procurement plan with approximate dates for upcoming auctions. Some of the companies of TAIF Group are already using this opportunity.

Prevent contracts with unreliable contractors

MX-1 PLC and TAIF Group's security services have jointly developed and are improving the effectiveness of another tool designed to improve the economic security of the Group's companies. We are talking about the Security Portal — the system the main task of which is to prevent unreliable companies and organizations from entering the list of TAIF's contractors caught in attempts to deceive, embezzle, unfairly fulfill their obligations, tax evasion, etc.

The programme reveals the relationship with unreliable contractors by analyzing documents, the data of managers and employees, information about the vehicles used. The software covers the entire TAIF Group, so that information about problematic counterparties is instantly available in each of the companies in the Group.

Protection of fuel and energy facilities

According to the requirements of the Federal bill No. 256, the enterprises of fuel and energy complex of TAIF Group are focused on strengthening the engineering of security of the fuel and energy facilities. The management and shareholders of TAIF Group provide full support to the processes of modernization and improvement of security systems. In total, from 2010 to the present time, the cost of developing the technical security equipment exceeded 2 billion rubles. In 2019 alone, more than 214 million rubles were allocated for engineering security systems, more than 232 million rubles — for technical ones, about 85 million rubles — for fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, and more than 71 million rubles — for maintenance of security systems. Within the year, 196 engineering and technical security systems were implemented and 296 were upgraded.

The effectiveness of the action taken has been confirmed by the recent inspection by the representatives of National Guard of Russia. UEBOiR leading specialist at TAIF PSC Alexander Sychenkov told about this in his report. Identified shortcomings and flaws are eliminated in a timely manner. At the same time, the management of security services requires employees to continue to increase the effectiveness of the use of technical means that make it much easier and improve the quality of work to detect attempted violations at the objects entrusted to the protection. In total, during 2019, almost 5,500 such attempts were recorded at the enterprises of TAIF Group, including 412 attempts to commit theft.

There is constant work to improve the quality of control over the import and export of inventory items at the TAIF Group's enterprises.

Ensuring information security

“Last year, as part of ensuring information security of TAIF Group's companies, 4,963 cases of violations of the rules governing information security were detected using special software tools, including 3,396 attacks on information resources of TAIF Group," Marat Khamidullin, chief specialist of UEBOiR of TAIF PSC, cited the figures.

“The problems of information security do not leave the first lines of news in all print and electronic media. They are constant reports about cyber attacks, cyber threats and leaks of confidential information," Rinat Galimbekov, acting deputy director general for EBOiR at TAIF PSC, stressed the importance and relevance of building reliable digital protection.

The participants of the meeting pointed out the need to monitor the relevance of information security tools in protected companies and regularly update them, as well as, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal bill No. 187, to introduce new highly effective tools that increase the cybersecurity of fuel and energy complex objects classified as strategically important.

2019 — the year of improving the efficiency of TAIF Group's enterprises

“Currently, the strategy of TAIF Group is aimed at increasing the maximum efficiency of existing production facilities, making investments, and completing innovative projects that are of great importance not only for the economy of our republic but also for the Russian Federation as a whole," said the deputy head of UEBOiR at TAIF PSC, Nursalim Shaykhutdinov, in his report.

According to TAIF Group's strategic development programme, the total amount of investment in the development of existing and construction of new production facilities will amount to 1,5 trillion rubles until 2030. Thus, the security services are entrusted with the responsible task of ensuring the security and safety of TAIF Group's assets from both external threats and possible internal offenses.

Within the year, 29,698 inspections were carried out in various areas of TAIF Group's activity, and 4,386 violations were detected. 1,681 employees were punished, including managers at various levels, and 25 of them were dismissed.

They are actively working with candidates for vacant positions. Out of nearly 8,500 applicants for employment in the main production facilities and subsidiaries, a total of about 800 people are not recommended.

High-quality personnel recruitment, the competent use of technical capabilities, and information exchange between structures are all components of a single set of tasks for ensuring anti-sabotage, anti-terrorist, and economic security, as well as countering extremism. Progress is being made, stressed Rinat Galimbekov, the acting deputy director general for EBOiR at TAIF PSC.

“It should be noted the positive dynamics in 2019 in terms of security at Kazanorgsintez PJSC, the positive experience of which is already being adopted not only by TAIF Group's enterprises but also by other large enterprises of the Russian oil and gas complex," he said. Other companies of TAIF Group have also made progress, but we do not need to stop there, we need to continue improving our work.

“Despite that the past year was declared the year for improving the efficiency of activities, the studies conducted within the year showed that there are shortcomings in the management and organizational activities of the heads of security services themselves," Galimbekov addressed the participants of the meeting.

Thus, the potential of the security services' forces and resources at the enterprises of Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Karsar, TGC-16, and KZSSM (Kazan plant of silicate wall materials) is not fully used. The management has recommended the security services show integrity and objectivity for each of the violations detected at protected sites.

Last year, security services conducted inspections of 60,500 potential and existing contractors. It is not recommended to enter into contracts with 1,083 of them. Seventy-five external and internal threats of various types that can affect the activities of the Group's enterprises were identified.

“It is necessary to continue working on improving the efficiency of management, the organization of work and rational use of available forces and resources in all areas related to security issues. This is a special job, its results depend on you," Rinat Galimbekov said in conclusion.

Experience in the ministry of internal affairs — improving the effectiveness of TAIF Group's security services

Honoured worker and veteran of internal affairs bodies, retired police Colonel Rinat Galimbekov has been the head of UEBOiR at TAIF PSC for almost 9 years. In his busy work schedule, he found a little time for a short interview with Realnoe Vremya.

“I joined the ministry of internal affairs in 1977. I dedicated about 35 years to the service in bodies of internal affairs, starting with the ordinary positions, he was promoted to the rank of colonel and deputy chief of the police of public security of the ministry of internal affairs in Tatarstan. During all these years, my work has been related to protecting the interests of citizens, identifying and solving crimes, fighting organized crime, protecting public order and public security, and preventing offenses and crimes," Rinat Galimbekov shared his biographical data.

In 2011, TAIF PSC received a proposal supported by the ministry of internal affairs to head the security service of the group of companies, which is one of the largest in the region. “In cooperation with law enforcement agencies, to ensure the organization and effective functioning of systems for the protection and security of objects that are of crucial importance for the economy of Tatarstan and Russia, people working at TAIF enterprises, as well as reliable anti-terrorist and anti-sabotage protection. Do not allow any illegal interference in the activities of the group of companies, including from extremist individuals, and pay special attention to maintaining a high level of economic security and the safety of the group's assets," the interior ministry said of Galimbekov's responsible work.

The experience of 35 years of work in the ministry of internal affairs system has helped a lot. Thanks to the support of the management of TAIF PSC and TAIF Group, in more than 8 years of work, an effective structure of security services was formed, staffed by highly qualified employees, mainly with practical experience in law enforcement. Within this time, a complete modernization of engineering and technical means of ensuring security was also carried out and decent working conditions were created for employees of the security services and Kennard private security company.

“The professionalism and high level of technical equipment of the security services and Kennard, close interaction with law enforcement agencies and the understanding of the importance and necessity of the assigned tasks for the protection and security of the objects entrusted to the protection helped to achieve significant success. I can state that within all this time, no emergency was allowed that was related to the area of responsibility of the security services. Large-scale preventive work and experience in conducting operational search activities allow us to confidently say that there were no intrusions into the territory of protected objects by offenders, as well as unsolved thefts and the theft of material and technical values from the objects of TAIF Group's facilities.

Congratulating the entire staff of the security services of TAIF Group and Kennard on the recent Defender of the Fatherland Day, Rinat Galimbekov stressed:

“We continue to protect the interests of the Fatherland by ensuring the safety of TAIF Group's facilities that are of crucial strategic importance for ensuring the reliable functioning of the fuel and energy and industrial complexes of the Republic of Tatarstan and Russia as a whole. We are faced with large-scale and important tasks to ensure economic security, asset security, anti-terrorist and anti-sabotage protection at the enterprises entrusted to us, to prevent any illegal actions that can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the coordinated activities of a huge and complex mechanism called the TAIF Group of companies, whose products are in demand around the world.”

By Arseny Favstritsky