Kazanorgsintez to help at school and on holiday

The company has taken care of recreation for children and “adult” payments

A nominal fee for summer vacation of children and a significant allowance for the health resort of parents, cash aid at birth and the childcare allowance up to three years look like dreams of a bright future. However, we are talking about real bonuses to employees of Kazanorgsintez PJSC. At the same time, the company provides assistance to other Kazan residents as well.

Help to prepare to school

Russia Day, June 12, was celebrated with loud concerts and fireworks. But in parallel with the festive events, quietly, as it befits good deeds, there was held Help to Prepare to School campaign. For children, June is a time for recreation, but for parents — it is the midst of preparing to school. In Kirovsky and Moskovsky districts of Kazan, this year more than 3,000 children will become first-graders. About 500 people need support. These are children from large families, families in difficult situations, children with disabilities. On June 12, in the Park named after Uritsky, they were presented school bags and stationeries, which will be useful at school. The gifts to young Kazan citizens were distributed by Azat Mukhsinov, the head of the organization of social and consumer services of Kazanorgsintez PJSC, and Aliya Zagidullina, the deputy head of the administration of Kirovsky and Moskovsky districts.

“Every year, the campaign is held with the support of the leadership of the republic, the district administration, as well as with the assistance of the large enterprises such as Kazanorgsintez PJSC and public organizations of the city. Traditionally, in previous years, it had been held in August, but this year it has been decided to hold it throughout the summer,” said Aliya Zagidullina.

Kazanorgsintez is a permanent participant of the campaign. This year, the company have purchased 60 school kits. The comprehensive support for families and children is one of the basic principles of the company. If Kazanorgsintez helps low-income families of Kirovsky and Moskovsky districts within the framework of the charity campaign, then the payments to its employees for preparing their children to school are officially laid down in the collective agreement: the parents of first-graders working at the enterprise receive additional funds for these purposes at the rate of one minimum wage. But this is only a small part of what the company offers its employees for their families.

Sunny republic

Solnechny health and recreation camp is the favourite place for recreation of children of Kazanorgsintez’s workers. This year, 280 children went to the “Republic of boys and girls” in the first session for three weeks — that's how they call Solnechny in the camp. Each of the nine age groups is a symbolic city with its mayor. There is also a president in the republic, who holds daily meetings with the mayors. All senior positions are elected.

“Our camp is year-round,” says Khalida Gabdraufovna, the camp director, “but the form of organization varies depending on the season. In winter, we are a recreation centre, and in summer — a children's health camp. The buildings are heated, toilet and shower rooms are inside, so we are not afraid of any vagaries of the weather. There is a formed pedagogical staff and strong traditions — after all, this year Solnechny celebrates its 55th anniversary.

Children have no time for boredom. It is not only about the “republican” activities, but also about a variety of cultural, entertainment and sports activities, for which all conditions are created. The assembly, concert and cinema hall “in one bottle” is equipped with the most modern equipment, and street sports grounds would fit the Olympic base.

“I like to be here very much,” says 12-year-old Fyodor, the son of deputy head of the department of telecommunication systems Roman Stoyanov. “It's the third season we have come here with friends. We live in rooms for four people. The atmosphere is wonderful, discos are held in the evenings. The football stadium is cool here.”

“The child returns home well-fed, healthy and happy,” Fyodor’s father continues the topic. “We, parents, rejoice both for children and for the family budget. As an employee of Kazanorgsintez, I pay only 15 per cent of the holiday package price — three thousand nine hundred rubles.”

Large social benefits

The holiday package to the children's camp — only one of the bonuses provided to the employees. If we talk about recreation, then adults also can go to the resort without large financial expenditures.

“Leaving on vacation, the employee can buy a ticket by choice and receive compensation up to 60 per cent of its cost on return,” said Natalia Roslyakova, the chairperson of the trade union committee of Kazanorgsintez PJSC. “The percentage, according to the collective agreement, depends on how many years the person has worked at our enterprise. In addition, there are preferential vouchers Mother and Child to the trade union’s health resorts.”

The company pays special attention to various social benefits to family workers and assistance in difficult situations. For example, when a child is born, an employee receives financial assistance in the form of five minimum wages, which is 55,815 rubles, and even paid short-term leave. Last year, the total amount of this payment amounted to almost 21 million rubles. Childcare allowance is paid up to three years. The payment in the amount of one minimum wage once a year is provided to families raising a disabled child. If the parent is single, the company pays half of the payment for kindergarten.

Kazanorgsintez reserved the function of social protection of its employees in the early '90s when the state could not fully perform this function. In the 2000s, Kazanorgsintez not only did not abandon its obligations but also took on new ones, expanding the social package as much as possible.

Realnoe Vremya online newspaper. Photo: Vladimir Tunik