Ski run for citizens of Kazan

The new ski run will be from the Swan Lakes to Solnechny Children’s Recreation Centre

Ski run for citizens of Kazan
Photo: courtesy of Kazanorgsintez PJSC press service

The updated ski run will be available for citizens of Kazan in the forest near the Swan Lakes from the beginning of 2019. It will connect the main route and Solnechny Children's Recreation Centre. Solnechny will also have ski rental, an ice rink with skate rental will also open. Kazanorgsintez organised these winter entertainments for the citizens. Realnoe Vremya tells the details.

Updated Swan Lakes with new ski run

Beautification works on the territory go on here in winter time too after restoring the Swan Lakes. A part of the ski run that will connect the main route along the lakes and Solnechny centre, which is closer to Zalesny settlement, will be updated from early January.

''The recreation base was to open on 2 January. But seats in houses started to be booked in November already. We prepared the ski run with snow tractors in late December. This year it will have several directions: towards Yudino and Dinamo ski centre. The new three-kilometre ski run and tracks will connect the base with the main highway and the walking zone in the restored Swan Lakes,'' told Khalida Kirikmasova, director of Solnechny CRC.

The centre belongs to Kazanorgsintez PJSC. However, it will be available for all citizens of Kazan. Ski and skate rentals were to open on 2 January. The rental of a pair of skis or skates will be 120 rubles per hour.

However, it will be available for all citizens of Kazan. Ski and skate rental was to open on 2 January

One can also skate on the territory of Solnechny. The ice rink is surrounded by high firs. This year there have been installed tents next to it to change clothes.

Heated buildings and billiard

Though Solnechny recreation centre itself is located in the suburb of the city, it's possible to get to it on a usual regular bus going to Rempler bus stop. It's in fact situated in the forest and surrounded by firs and pines from all sides. The beauty of nature, clean air and remoteness from the city attract guests not only from Kazan but also other cities of Russia. If Kazanorgsintez PJSC workers and Kazan citizens' children go on holiday in Solnechny RC in summer, in winter, the recreation centre turns into a winter paradise for fans of active leisure time.

One can rent a room for four or two people in four heated two-storeyed buildings for 280 seats. The price will be 700 rubles for people who don't work at Kazanorgsintez. Full board can be paid additionally. Holidaymakers can go to the sauna for 1,000 rubles per hour.

After active leisure time at daytime, guests of the suburban centre can play table tennis or billiard in the evening.

''We come to Solnechny as if was our dacha or home''

Khalida Kirikmasova admitted a holiday in Solnechny was in very high demand in 2018. A children's swimming sports school and children's water polo school will visit the suburban centre. Requests from frequent guests have also been received. The booking of houses is free, however, it's better to book beforehand. About 100 people sent preliminary requests for early January. Moreover, KOS workers are provided with accommodation first of all.

A children's swimming sports school and children's water polo school will visit the suburban centre

Fania Pershunkina has been on holiday in Solnechny since 2011. She told Realnoe Vremya's correspondent that together with colleagues from different cities of Russia they rented houses in the first week of January almost every year.

''We already got used to the recreation centre. It's pleasant to spend a week in a house located in the pinery with fresh air and clean snow after the city. Director of the centre Khalida Kirikmasova is always hospitable and responsible. We like that the kitchen is also in order, the maids are good. We come to Solnechny as if was our dacha or home with a group of 20-25 people,'' Fania Pershunkina noted. She also said she went to the recreation centre at the end of winter.

Ruslan Nizameyev, a repair master in the Steam Supply Shop at Kazanorgsintez PJSC, told about Solnechny with inspiration too. He rents a house together with his family two or three times in winter to go skiing and skate.

''Our holiday is very active, we like a well thought out programme of Solnechny, clean and warm buildings, the pricing. We used to go there with our parents, now we go on holiday with our children,'' Ruslan Nizameyev added.

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By Yekaterina Gumarova