TAIF-NK products were honoured again in 100 Best Products of Russia 2018 all-Russian competition

The quality of Euro summer diesel fuel and RON-95-K5 fuel has been honoured by a competent jury at the Russian level. Both products of the company became winners of 100 Best Products of Russia 2018 all-Russian competition. The awards were given to TAIF-NK PJSC Director General Rushan Shamgunov at the official award ceremony, which was in the Kazan City Hall. Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nigmatullin and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Albert Karimov took part in the event. Realnoe Vremya tells the details.

100 Best Products of Russia: high-quality products from all regions of the country

100 Best Products of Russia is the most prestigious competition for producers. The best products from all regions of the country are fielded to participate in it: companies producing food, industrial goods, products for industrial and technical purposes, ethnic arts and crafts as well as offering services for the population and services for industrial and technical purposes can apply for it.

The 100 Best Products of Russia competition has been held since 1998, it was founded by the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardisation and Metrology, Quality Problems Academy Interregional Public Organisation and Standards and Quality magazine's editorial. Hundreds of companies from all Russia take part in the competition every year, and only a handful of them was given medals. Because the goal is not only to find the best in the country but also stimulate enterprises to produce high-quality and ecologically safe goods.

''Active participation in the programme and competition project has a positive impact on increasing the level of economic competitiveness, developing the production of the best goods and services, which are in high demand by consumers. It's very important that a bigger number of its participants actively choose an innovative way of development, implement advanced forms and methods of technical regulation and quality management during the fulfilment of the programme,'' Executive Director of Quality Problems Academy IPO Yelena Dubinskaya believes.

The 100 Best Products of Russia competition includes two stages: winners are chosen at a regional stage first, after which they automatically reach the federal stage. Thanks to the two-level selection, the 100 Best Products of Russia competition develops a competitive environment inside a region, which stimulates regional companies to produce more high-quality products. Tatarstan has been an active participant of 100 Best Products of Russia competition during this time. This is why regional companies annually fight for the podium. So the victory at the federal stage is not only a recognition of the high quality of products but also a stimulus for the further development of the company.

''The Best Goods of the Republic of Tatarstan contest and the participation of its winners in the federation competition 100 Best Products of Russia became a good tradition. The competition accomplishes the main task – to help increase the quality of goods and services, find and promote Tatarstan brands to the Russian and foreign market,'' Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov said earlier.

TAIF-NK PJSC has been actively participating in 100 Best Products of Russia competition since 2010 and regularly becomes a laureate. It became possible because Director General of TAIF-NK PJSC Rushan Shamgunov strictly follows the policy on quality of products, which was adopted. In the 8-year history of participation, such products of the refinery as lead-free Regular Euro-92 fuel, lead-free Premium Euro-95 fuel, construction bitumen 60/90, А, В, С, D, E, F Euro diesel fuel, jet fuels, 2 class III type Euro (DF-5) for winter, 2 class III type C, E Euro (DF-5) for moderate temperature, polymer-bitumen binders PBB 60, furnace oil, technical gas granular sulfur, 2 class K5 ecological class Euro winter diesel fuel (DF-3-K5), III type lead-free Premium Euro 95 motor fuel, Regular 92 lead-free motor fuel (RON-92-K5).

Moreover, in 2014, TAIF-NK's benzene factory's laboratory became a medallist in Services for Production and Technical Purposes having presented laboratory tests assessing the compliance of the quality of the tested sample of the oil product with requirements of the regulation in the competition.

TAIF-NK Euro summer diesel fuel became laureate in 100 Best Products of Russia contest

This year, two products of TAIF-NK participated at the federal stage of 100 Best Products of Russia contest: ecological K5 class Euro C diesel fuel and RON-92-K5 lead-free fuel. Euro summer diesel fuel has great operational and ecological characteristics. Its composition includes anti-wear, depressor, dispersant and antistatic additives, which improve operational characteristics. Thanks to it, it helps to reduce carbon deposition, the wear of engine components and harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

RON-92-K5 fuel also has better ecological characteristics. It has a low sulfur content (less than 10 mg/kg), aromatics, olefins and benzene. At the same time, it doesn't contain lead, iron and manganese, which allows to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and increase the operational life of the engine.

TAIF-NK PJSC actively has been participating in 100 Best Products of Russia competition since 2010 and regularly becomes a laureate. Photo courtesy of TAIF-NK PJSC

Experts of the competition praised the high quality of both products, as a result, Euro summer diesel fuel became a laureate of 100 Best Products of Russia competition, while the lead-free RON-92-K fuel became one of the diploma owners. A constant and scrupulous work to improve both technological and managing processes are behind the high praise and all-Russian recognition. New technologies are implemented not only in production but also in the management system. This provides a stable high quality of the products, competitive and innovative potential of the company.

By Ksenia Zharkova
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