TAIF-NK sent over 90m rubles for occupational safety and health programme in 2017

Last year the oil refinery allocated over 90 million rubles on an occupational safety and health programme. As a result, the enterprise didn't have accidents and there weren't diagnosed any occupational diseases in 2017. Realnoe Vremya tells the details.

To prevent trauma is a number one task

Last year TAIF-NK didn't allow any accident and occupational disease of employees. Big money is annually allocated on preventive measures under TAIF-NK PJSC Director General Rushan Shamgunov. For this purpose, the enterprise sent over 90m rubles for the occupational safety and health programme in 2017. ''Our priority task is to work to prevent accidents,'' Deputy Chief Engineer for Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health at TAIF-NK Andrey Mukhtarov. The company pays special attention to provide its workers with the latest means of protection. Last year, TAIF-NK gave over 9 million rubles only to provide occupational safety systems at height last year – modern safety harnesses, lifelines, means of height rescue and evacuation.

Rushan Shamgunov is TAIF-NK PJSC Director General, honourable chemist of the Republic of Tatarstan, a candidate of technical sciences. Photo courtesy of TAIF-NK

''In accordance with requirements of standard specifications, there is a certain minimum of individual means of protection. Despite this, by this Collective Agreement, we provided the workers with additional means of protection in addition to the standard specifications. During shutdown maintenance of technological shops, we purchase some means of additional protection. Considerable money is spent on it,'' says Deputy Chief Engineer for Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health at TAIF-NK Andrey Mukhtarov.

Control over workplace

TAIF-NK's hygiene and industrial laboratory specialists check every employee's workplace conditions. They go to a factory and measure the noise, vibration, lighting, the air of the working zone.

A constant work on the control over the air in the enterprise's zone of influence, the composition of sewage, pollution of the air on the border of the Nizhnekamsk Industrial Zone's hygiene and protection zone is constantly carried out. The hygiene and industrial laboratory is included in the register of accredited test laboratories and equipped with the latest analytic equipment. Thanks to the strict control, the enterprise improves working conditions year after year. A special estimate of working conditions of 2,231 workplaces was made in 2017. The research showed that the number of workplaces with hazardous working conditions reduced by 11,6% in comparison with 2016 and the number of workplaces with allowable conditions increased by up to 40%.

''It's better learning from others' mistakes''

A proactive approach is applied at TAIF-NK PJSC. So to instruct the employees on what to do in case of emergency, the company studies the experience of accidents in other enterprises. The workers are constantly informed about events with detailed analysis, and measures are taken to avoid their repetition, scheduled exercises on actions in emergency situations are done.

''It's better learning from others' mistakes. If an accident takes place in some enterprise, after receiving information from competent agencies, we try to imitate the situation to exclude it. For instance, if someone got an electric shock somewhere, we create preventive measures aimed to tighten safety, application of means of individual protection,'' explains Deputy Chief Engineer for Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health at TAIF-NK Andrey Mukhtarov.

TAIF-NK pays a lot of attention to its employee's health. Sports and health improving measures are taken regularly that are designed to maintain health, medical check-ups are carried out. Every worker was given voluntary health insurance to receive necessary medical treatment.

The TAIF-NK hygiene and industrial laboratory's specialists check every employee's workplace conditions

TAIF-NK's occupational safety and health specialists annually take part in regional and municipal competitions. In 2017, the occupational safety and health specialists were 1 st and 3rd among municipal organisation. In 2018, TAIF-NK PJSC's specialist has been in the top 20 in a regional competition.

Working in the conditions of the constantly operating factory, projects, the administration is responsible for the personnel and takes measures to prevent trauma by all means. Apart from organised control among heads and specialists, deliberately trained workers constantly check – it's people who are responsible for occupational safety and health elected at shops' meetings by vote. An occupational safety and health, industrial, fire and ecological safety exhibition is held among subdivisions to stimulate after year-round results, winners are awarded diplomas and a bonus payment.

The victories in regional and municipal competitions, the absence of accidents in the enterprise and occupational diseases among the employees prove the correctness of the chosen course. As a socially responsible company, TAIF-NK sets a goal to continue manufacturing high-quality products, maintain high production profitability, life and health of the workers. This is why the enterprise will go on allocating considerable money on the occupational safety and health programme.

A professional team is the foundation of a successful company. This is why TAIF-NK appreciates every employee and invests considerable money to train and create comfortable conditions for the workers. Due to this, the whole collective of the enterprise works for the common good with total dedication. This is the recipe for the company's success because right highly-qualified specialists are the main components in occupational safety and health and the production of high-quality commodities at TAIF-NK.

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By Ksenia Zharkova. Photo: Maksim Platonov

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