Tatarstan’s media preferences: Novy Vek TV and Radio Company is leader again

TNV and Bolgar Radio in the top among regional media projects

Realnoe Vremya had results of the research of media preferences of Tatarstan residents done by the CAIR at its disposal. The analysis showed that TNV channel and Bolgar Radio station are confident leaders in the republic among the regional mass media. The full analysis is in the material.

In the top among federal mass media

1,761 residents of Tatarstan older than 14 years took part in the sociological research of media preferences of Tatarstan residents in radio and television done by the CIAR in May-July 2018. It's 10% more than previously. The survey was done in eight geographical zones of the republic with random sampling. The biggest number of respondents live in Kazan (28%), the least – in the south of Tatarstan (7%).

As CAIR specialists found out, television's popularity in the republic isn't high – 62% of people watch TV daily, another 11% chose the answer ''almost every day'', and not only 4% don't watch television at all. The rest of the respondents said they were interested in television several times a week or watched from one to twice in seven days. The situation with radio is different: 25% of respondents listen to it daily, another 8% do it almost every days, 39% of respondents don't listen to the radio at all.

Research in the Republic of Tatarstan

In answer to the question of what television channels you usually watch (the question was asked without options), Tatarstan residents often called the biggest federal TV channels.

The country's main channel traditionally chaired the rating of preferences – 53% immediately called Channel One. The second place doesn't have changes as well – 40% chose Russia-1. 34% of respondents answered they watched cable TV channels, and it's the third place in the rating. Scandalous NTV, entertaining TNT and STS are also in the top 10. TNV channel from Tatarstan is on the seventh position with 16% of votes of respondents and is an undoubted leader among regional channels. It's followed by local Efir, the top 10 ends with Russia 24 and Domashny.

Research in the Republic of Tatarstan

Here we should note that according to IPTV Tattelecom this July, TNV is also a leader among regional TV channels in number of subscribers and duration of viewing after federal TV channels. TNV-Planeta loses only to Efir.

TNV is a leader in such big cities as Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk and Almetyevsk but loses a bit to Efir.

We should notice that Maidan TV channel is an undoubted leader among Tatar-speaking music TV channels by IPTV Tattelecom. It's ahead of both TMTV and Tugan Tel in quantity of subscribers and duration of viewership.

TNV news still in the lead

As for the most popular local news programmes, according to the data of the survey ''What local news programmes you regularly watch?'' (without any prompting), 19% of surveyed respondents regularly watch Tatarstan News, which is also one of the leading positions.

19% of surveyed respondents regularly watch Tatarstan News, which is also one of the leading positions

Sociological research detected that viewers watched TNV more than from 18 to 21 o'clock, it's 69% of the audience. 17% prefer to watch TNV from 21 to 24, another 14% watch the TV channel in the morning – from 6 to 9 a.m.

Tatar language as major advantage

The news (75%), music programmes (68%), entertaining programmes (57%), programmes about the countryside (53%) and feature films (50%) are in the top most popular TV genres on TNV. The respondents called broadcasting in the Tatar language and quality, fuller coverage of events taking place in Tatarstan as the main advantages of TNV in comparison with other TV channels.

Authoritative source

CAIR experts pointed out another project of Novy Vek TV and Radio Company JSC as a leader – Bolgar Radio. According to the research, 9% of residents of the republic regularly listen to the radio station. Europe Plus (same 9%) shared this position with Bolgar Radio.

Dacha, DFM, Tatar Radio, Retro FM, Russian Radio and BIM-radio are also on the top list.

Research in the Republic of Tatarstan

Bolgar Radio is more often listened from 12 to 15 o'clock (37%), from 15 to 18 (30%) and from 6 to 9 a.m. (same 30%). The respondents chose the programme with radio listeners' choice, a morning entertaining show and the news as popular radio programmes. In the audience's opinion, broadcasting in the Tatar language, the interesting content of programmes and good music are among the major advantages of Bolgar Radio.

The data presented in the research, in general, show that Novy Vek TV and Radio Company JSC enjoys authority among the Tatarstan audience. So 65% of respondents said they trusted the information provided by TNV channel, Bolgar Radio has credibility among 61% of residents of the republic.

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