TAIF-NK takes part in Sabantuy celebration in Nizhnekamsk

TAIF-NK has taken part in one of the most large-scale and important national holidays – Sabantuy 2018. One of the leading petrochemical enterprises of Tatarstan organizes its thematic area on the territory of the cultural and entertainment complex Ilinka for already several years. Year after year, TAIF-NK never ceases to amaze guests with its innovative approach to the forms of creativity of our multi-ethnic people.

Nizhnekamsk has celebrated the national holiday Sabantuy 2018 on a bright and large scale. The participation of TAIF-NK in the organization of the mass holiday is always distinguished by high professionalism and sincere desire to please residents and guests of the city. According to Director General of TAIF-NK PSC Rushan Shamgunov, Sabantuy as a truly mass holiday gives everyone, whatever nationality, religion and age he or she is, an opportunity to unite, have fun, participate in games, competitions or be an ordinary spectator.

Sabantuy in translation from the Tatar language means ''plough's feast'' — the most famous annual Tatar festival in honour of the end of spring field works. It has more than a thousand-year history, in 921 it was described in the writings by famous explorer Ibn Fadlan, Ambassador from Baghdad, who arrived in Bolgar. In addition, the proof of the existence of this holiday in those days is a tombstone in one of the ancient cemeteries. It was found in the Alkeevsky disctrict by local scientists. The inscription on the stone reads: ''The deceased rested in 1120 on the day of Sabantuy''. In the old days, the celebration of Sabantuy was a great event, and it took a long time to prepare for it. During all winter, girls, young women prepared gifts – they weaved, sewed, embroidered. In spring, before the holiday, they collected gifts for future winners in competitions and folk games: embroidered scarves and towels, pieces of calico, shirts, chicken eggs. The most honourable gift was considered to be a towel embroidered with an ethnic pattern.

The old traditions of celebration are gradually complemented by modern ones, nevertheless, the basic order of its holding is still preserved. The main and most spectacular action of the plough's feast is considered to be a theatrical prologue. This year it has involved more than three thousand artists. The award ceremony of the leading manufacturers and winners of various industry competitions has become a good tradition. Heroes of the holiday of the plough — tractor operators, combine operators, machine operators, livestock producers and other agricultural workers. They were presented with state awards, honourary titles. Guests of the festival had the opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional exhibition of agricultural machinery of different generations and rural life. The national peculiarities were emphasized by an exhibition of domestic animals, a game complex and platforms of national cultural communities.

The identification of the strongest person of the holiday in the Tatar national struggle Koresh can be rightfully considered the central element of Sabantuy. The winner receives a sheep as a reward, whom he should raise on his shoulder and make with it a circle of honour on the square Sabantuy Maidan.

General Director of TAIF-NK Rushan Shamgunov met the guests of honour at the TAIF-NK site.

First Deputy Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Muratov, Head of Nizhnekamsk municipal district Aydar Metshin, Head of the city of Shchyolkovo, Moscow Oblast, Rushan Makhmutov, Head of the department of ethnic and religious relations at the Ministry of Culture of Chuvashia Kirill Pavlov, as well as representatives of a large delegation of the Republic of Turkey had the opportunity not only to see, but also to make a souvenir with the logo of TAIF-NK PSC with their own hands. This opportunity was provided to all present by the master casters.

One of the main topics of Sabantuy 2018 of TAIF-NK became the World Cup. Right at the entrance the guests of the platform were met by golden ''live figures'' of football players, who aroused delight both in adults and in young participants of the large-scale celebration.

No less popular among the citizens were family photo shoots in a creative photo booth. A concert was organized for the guests of the festival throughout the day. Citizens had an opportunity to listen to Tatar songs performed by honoured artist of Tatarstan IlSaf and singer Gulnara Gabidullina. Young people also sang famous hits of Russian and foreign pop music along to the cover band Safari.

This year, the plough's feast will traditionally take federal and national scale. On 6 and 7 July 2018, federal Sabantuy with the participation of Tatarstan President Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov will be held in Cheboksary, All-Russian Sabantuy — on July 14 in Kurgan Oblast. Today, the national holiday is also actively celebrated all over the world: in Washington, Montreal, Prague, Leipzig, Paris, Istanbul and Moscow, as the holiday Sabantuy is a national treasure of Tatarstan, which has a thousand-year history. Head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov believes that the relations between the regions, which are successfully developing thanks to the Tatar community and the celebration of large-scale national holidays, allow not only to unite our multi-ethnic people, but also to implement a number of joint projects, bringing partnership in different areas ''to an entirely new level''. In 2018, the national holiday Sabantuy will be celebrated in 58 Russian regions and 30 foreign countries.

Sabantuy is celebrated with pleasure by all residents of the republic, which is one of the bright manifestations of the continuity of traditions and respect for each culture. From year to year Sabantuy is enriched with new content, but the main thing is always the same — th holiday of labour and friendship of peoples.

Photos provided by TAIF-NK

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