Consulate General of China in Kazan to open on the lands of Khayrullins brothers

The building has already been built, but the opening date of the Consulate General office of PRC in Kazan has not been announced yet

Consulate General of China in Kazan to open on the lands of Khayrullins brothers
Photo: Maksim Platonov

Kazan City Duma deputies approved the rezoning of the site on Podluzhnaya Street for location of Consulate General of China here on May 16. The attaché of the Consul General of PRC in Kazan has not called the specific dates of the opening of the office yet, but assured that for their part they are making every effort to make it happen as soon as possible. Realnoe Vremya found out the details.

''This is not enough for China and Tatarstan''

The issue, the solution of which had been expected since 2010, has finally been addressed at a session of Kazan City Duma. The Consulate General of China in Kazan is going to have its own building. Public hearings on re-zoning of the site for it were held on April 2, and on May 16 the deputies approved the transfer of lands for construction from the recreational landscape zone to the public service zone. We are talking about three areas with a total area of 11,885 square metres. On the biggest one, 10,078 square metres, judging by data of the public cadastral map, there is already a building with the address: Podluzhnaya, 21, though in other cartographic resources the object has no address yet. The map indicates that all the lands are reserved for a water sports complex.

''We are still working in Suvar Plaza, the issue on permanent site has not been resolved yet. Many citizens from Russia and China come to us. I receive calls every day on different issues, they ask about cooperation or other consular businesses. The process is underway, and we are trying to speed it up, to open the Consulate as soon as possible. We will definitely invite you to the opening ceremony, but we cannot name the exact date yet,'' Pian Xiaoqian, attache to Chinese Consul General in Kazan, told Realnoe Vremya.

The representative of China did not share information about the cost of the project, ''I am not responsible for financial affairs, there is no data on specific figure.'' But he added with confidence that the number of employees of the Consulate will only grow. Now the staff consists of six people, ''For China and Tatarstan this is not enough, we need more. More than ten people — it is a must,'' said the attache.

The details of the project, planning decisions are also unclear yet, as well as the date of the move, ''It has not been decided yet. We have only a few premises in Suvar Plaza, we can move immediately,'' the attache said.

Consulate General on the lands of Khayrullins brothers

Apparently, the Consulate office will occupy the territory belonging to State Duma Deputy Ayrat Khayrullin and his brother, Director General of Edelweiss Corporation JSC Ilshat Khayrullin. This became known during the public hearings, where they considered the proposal to transfer the lands on Podluzhnaya Street from one category to another. The applicant was Management company EnergoInvestCapital PLC. According to SPARK-Interfax data, the company was registered on June 20, 2007, and its main activity is securities management. The authorized capital in 2011 – 81,211,000 rubles. Director General is Irina Kirillova, and among the co-owners — Khayrullins brothers. Shares in the management company — 50% each.

Marketing Director of Edelweiss Group JSC Alina Elmeeva commented that ''the company will not build anything, the building on Podluzhaya Street is already built.'' She also did not clarify whether there would be the Consulate General office or additional construction would be required. As for the possible opening dates, she noted that she was not responsible for the Consulate. In turn, the attache of the Consulate General emphasized that the company EnergoInvestCapital were his colleagues that addressed the question related to real estate.

Marketing Director of Edelweiss Group JSC Alina Elmeeva commented that ''the company will not build anything, the building on Podluzhaya Street is already built''

''The opening of the Consulate is an important indicator!''

Yulduz Khaliullin, an Orientalist, Corresponding Member of the International Economic Academy of Eurasia and former diplomat, spoke positively about the emerging prospects, but he believes that the issue of land allocation could have been solved faster.

''The opening of the Chinese Consulate is an important indicator of the ties, the president of Tatarstan has repeatedly visited China. The creation of the Consulate General will facilitate trips to China, will promote international exchange,'' the expert says.

As for the prospects of the cooperation, Yulduz Khaliullin believes that the Chinese are now very actively leaving their traces everywhere. ''They are an active people. They are squeezed by the Americans, they are looking for new ways out. Perhaps, the HSR will also move an inch,'' said Mr Khaliullin.

But the site for the Consulate's own building could have appeared earlier:

''The issues could have been solved faster, in a year or less. It seems that it was the local authorities that had troubles, it depended on them. In any case, the issue has already been resolved, I can only greet, now it does not matter why it was decided for so long,'' says Yulduz Khaliullin.

Let us remind that Realnoe Vremya reported earlier about the difficulties of appearance of the Consulate General of China in Kazan.

By Yulia Kosolapkina