Valdai discussion club’s meeting to be devoted to 1100th anniversary of adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria

Valdai discussion club’s meeting to be devoted to 1100th anniversary of adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria
Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov (archive)

This year, a meeting of Valdai International Discussion Club will be dedicated to the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria. The event will take place in Kazan from 21 to 23 September.

Nearly 9,8 million rubles will be spent to hold the meeting. The money is allocated from Tatarstan’s budget.

Representatives of foreign ministries, consulates, scientific communities from Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Turkey and Iran will participate in the meeting.

A reception will be held in honour of the participants in the meeting of the Development and Support Fund Council of Valdai International Discussion Club. It will take place in the centre of Kazan, in a Tatar-style restaurant with national dishes.


45 people are expected to come. A professional contemporary dance band, honourable and people’s artists of Tatarstan, singers — laureates of international contests — a vocal duet and trio will perform for them.

The participants in the discussion club will be taken on an excursion around Kazan. On day one, they will visit the Kazan Kremlin, the Old Tatar Settlement, the Virgin Mart of Kazan Cathedral and will go on a sightseeing tour. A boat cruise is scheduled on day three.

The operator also has to develop the concept of the meeting and themed sessions of the Valdai club foundation, the content and choose and invite experts. It also has to prepare speakers’ reports and slides.

It must provide a conference hall to hold the meeting and themed sessions, a room for the organising committee and the press.

The operator the Tatarstan Ministry of Culture is looking for also must provide the participants’ arrival in Kazan, their reception at the airport and railway station, accommodate them in suits in a five-star hotel.

Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov

The operator also has to organise meals for the participants in the discussion club’s meetings. So a broth with ochpochmak, a beef steak with sauce and fresh button mushroom sauté and croquette potatoes as side dish, angel wings, baklava, tea and a fruit drink. For dinner, there will be offered chicken, beef tongue and calf cold cuts, vegetables (tomato, cucumbers, pepper, greens), cheese cuts, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, toast and cheese salad, broth, baked beef with vegetables, fish with vegetables and cheese sauce, classic cheesecake and roasted potato wedges.

It should be reminded that the Tatarstan authorities approved the plan of key events dedicated to the celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the official adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria in February. There were over 70 events. The plan included festivals, contests, conferences, etc.

Tatiana Dyomina

Valdai International Discussion Club is an expert and analytic centre created in Veliky Novgorod in 2004. President of Russia Vladimir Putin has repeatedly attended the event.